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Would You Care For A Mojito?

The other day, I read something that really annoyed me.

It was about some bartenders (people who serve drinks at bars) who are getting tired of serving mojitos.

Now, if you didn’t know, a mojito is an alcoholic drink made from rum, mint leaves, lime, ice and soda. It takes a bit of practise to make a good one because you have to crush the leaves, use the right amount of alcohol and shake it.

As I said, some bartenders are getting tired of making mojitos. They even try to persuade their customers to drink something else!

They say that mojitos aren’t cool anymore.

They say that they have no mint leaves.

And some places have even just taken it off the menu.

But why do they hate the mojito?

Well, there are two reasons.

  1. Mojitos take a while to make. In the time you make one mojito, you could have probably served five gin and tonics or whisky and coca colas.
  2. Mojitos take a bit of effort to make. To make one, you need to crush, measure, shake, pour, sieve and rub. That’s a bit harder than just pour.

Personally, I think this is wrong. Very wrong.

Can a doctor say s/he doesn’t want to perform heart surgery because ‘s/he doesn’t feel like it’?

Or can a teacher say s/he doesn’t want to teach something because ‘it’s too difficult’?


But for some reason, some bartenders think they can stop selling mojitos because they’re too hard to make.

Unfortunately, that’s how some people are in today’s society.

These people wouldn’t be very good English learners.

They’d give up a long time before they reached their goals.

They would expect to learn English without any effort, and then they’d quit because it ‘was too hard’.

There is no helping this kind of person. You can’t motivate someone who doesn’t even want to try.

But if you want to try, and you aren’t afraid of work, then you have a promising English speaking future ahead of you.

And I want to help you make that happen.

I’m currently in the planning stages of a book about successful English learning strategies. The idea behind the book is that it’ll teach you how to learn English with a focus on activities and tasks you can do at any stage of your Englishlearning.

Because I’m still planning this book, I can still add or remove parts of it.

This is where I want to hear your opinion.

Is there anything you’d like to know about learning strategies?

And is there anything you’d like to know about learning English?

Just reply to this email and send me your thoughts.

If you have any other comments, you can send them too.


English for Study

Ps. I don’t even drink mojitos. I don’t think I’ve ever even had one. My drink of choice is whiskey. I don’t really mind if it’s single malt or blended as long as it isn’t too cheap.

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