Who Am I?

Hi there! I’m Sam – your English language expert, teacher, and coach from England.

With over 10 years of experience teaching English and several years as a lecturer for English for Academic Purposes at a top British university, I know what it takes to help you master the English language.

I hold a CELTA, a BA in English with TESOL, and a master’s degree in English Language Teaching. Currently, I’m pursuing a PhD in Education. My extensive education in language learning and teaching assures you that the techniques and strategies I teach are backed by thorough research and testing.

My passion for teaching English comes from my own language learning journey, which spans many years. I understand the challenges and frustrations that come with learning a new language, and I’m here to guide you through it with ease and confidence.

Join me on this exciting journey, and together, we’ll unlock the full potential of your English language skills.

To get started, I would recommend grabbing my free guide. It’s called ‘The Busy Student’s Guide To Learning English Quickly’ and it’s sure to kick start your English learning.

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