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English Internet Slang: A Quick Guide To Strange Words On The Web

English internet slang… You can’t avoid it. If you spend any time surfing the net in English, you’re likely to come across acronyms, abbreviations and slang that people don’t say

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English Internet Slang Abbreviations (The Common Ones)

Internet slang abbreviations are everywhere in the English language part of the internet. As the Game of Thrones saying goes: the internet is dark and full of terrors… But don’t worrry! This

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How NOT To Start A Conversation In English

How not to start a conversation in English… Sigh… I never thought I would have to make this lesson/video/article because I thought it would be common sense. However, I have been proven wrong,

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Your English Is Very Well (Good and Well)

Good and Well… Two words that are very similar yet totally different. But, do not fear; everything will become clear soon, eager learner. Before we look at the difference and how to use the words,

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How Many Words Should I Learn In A Week?

“How many words should I learn in a week?” This is a question on a lot of minds. Truth is – I’m all about QUALITY over QUANTITY when it comes to words. I’d rather focus on

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Do I Have A Vocabulary Problem? [A Video Lesson]

Vocabulary problems… Just writing that makes me think of the Jay Z song… If you’re having word problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but vocab ain’t one. LOL Enough

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Wait… Is it fun, funny or ‘funny’?

Ahhh… confusing words…. Sometimes, I think that’s the real reason we learn languages – just to see how messed up other languages are. So far, I’ve studied five languages: German

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How To Take Control Of Your English By Looking In The Mirror

Taking control of your English seems like a strange thing to do. But think about it… For most of your English learning life, you have: Learnt what someone else has told you to learn. Done activities

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The Rolling Baby Method for Quickly Learning and Using English

In this audio lesson, you’re going to learn a really useful tip for learning English quickly and internalising it, so that you never forget it. But not only that… This method will also help you

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