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Why does “How do you say that in English?” work?

Isn’t it funny: It’s always easier to remember new vocabulary when you ask the question: “How do you say that in English?”

This happened to me about two months ago.

We were eating dinner at home in Taiwan, and I saw something run across the window.

It was fast and small with four legs and a long tail.

And then it moved again. Really fast.

Then it stopped in the middle of the window, and started making a noise, which kind of sounded like laughing from a horror film.

Without warning, El (my ‘shining star’) jumped out of her chair and screamed.


And that was when I found out that El didn’t like geckos! In fact, she can’t stand geckos or lizards.

She said they ‘freaked her out’*.

Anyway, after the drama, I asked El, “so, what do you call that in Taiwanese?”

And she told me: ‘Shin tan ga’.

And you know what? I still remember that word, even though it’s basically useless.

But I remember it because of two factors which make it really easy to learn and remember new vocabulary.

In fact, these two factors helped you to learn your first language. These two factors are really useful.

But, without them, learning and remembering new vocabulary can be very difficult. Sometimes it’s impossible.

That’s why I focus on helping you to use these two factors in your English learning inside my Find Your Path Training – I want you to remember and use words, not learn and forget them.

There’s a whole section dedicated to these two factors (and a special third one) inside the program.

If remembering new words is difficult for you, then this might be just what you need.


Ready to have your light bulb moment*?


English For Study

*Freak out = become emotional about something (can be + or -)

*light bulb moment

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