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How To Take Control Of Your English By Looking In The Mirror

Taking control of your English seems like a strange thing to do. But think about it… For most of your English learning life, you have: Learnt what someone else has told you to learn. Done activities

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How To Sound Human When You Speak English (Part 1)

A lot of English learners don’t think about sounding human when they speak English. Let’s face it… When we think about English… we think about words… We think about hours of sitting

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How To Learn English Without Wasting Time

The first step to learning any language is: passion. If you’re not passionate about the language (or at least interested in the language), you’re going to have a bad time. Case in point… When

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Learn More English Vocabulary With Pokémon

Today’s lesson is a bit geeky… I think I was 9 years old when I first entered the world of Pokémon. I remember my granddad bought me an imported copy of Pokémon Blue (his favourite colour was blue)

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10 Polite English Ways To Turn Down An Invitation

It’s 4:58pm. You’re about to finish work for the day. You’ve been thinking about going home, putting your feet up and relaxing all day. You can’t wait to get home, take your shoes off and relax. But

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Reach Your English Goals Faster With These Three Questions [Self Study Series]

What are you English goals? Have you ever really spent much time thinking about them? A lot of people say they just want to speak really well or speak English like a native. OR… They say they’re

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