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English Internet Slang: A Quick Guide To Strange Words On The Web

English internet slang… You can’t avoid it. If you spend any time surfing the net in English, you’re likely to come across acronyms, abbreviations and slang that people don’t say IRL (in real life)…

This can make it hard for you, eager English learner… Because how are you supposed to keep up with every little bit of slang that appears on the internet?

So, here are two resources that you’ll find useful if you spend time on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section of Youtube…

English Internet Slang Resource #1

The first resource is this fancy infographic (information + graphic) I created with seven of the most common pieces of slang on it.

Internet slang meaning

English Internet Slang Resource #2

Ready for more?


The next resource is a video lesson I made on the topic of INTERNET SLANG.

In the video, you’ll learn how to use the slang yourself, so you can join in the fun when you’re Tweeting away.

Over To You…

Now you have a better knowledge of English internet slang, it’s time for you to put it to use… Look out for slang on social media and in forums, and see if you can use it too.



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