how many words should I learn in a week

How Many Words Should I Learn In A Week?

“How many words should I learn in a week?”

This is a question on a lot of minds.

Truth is – I’m all about QUALITY over QUANTITY when it comes to words.

I’d rather focus on the words that are going to be the most useful… not the words that look good.

A good comparison to think about is weightlifting at the gym.

If you go to the gym, you’ll see a few different types of people.

One type of person you’ll see will be the guy wearing a hoodie, headphones plugged into his ears and a notebook containing all his numbers.

He’ll be a quiet guy who makes every rep count.

When he squats, he squats deep.

When he benches, he touches the bar to his chest.

When he deadlifts, he holds the bar at the top for a split second.

Then, you have the ego lifter. He’ll probably be loud, surrounded by a group of friends. When he squats, he’s more focused on lifting as much as he can, rather than working his muscles. It’s the same with his bench. He doesn’t care about touching the bar to his chest. He would rather lift as much weight as possible. We call this half repping.

If you want to see an example of what I mean by ego lifter and half repping, click here. It’ll take you to a YouTube video that will explain what I mean perfectly.

ANYWAY – what’s my point?

Well, why would you go to the gym?

To get stronger? Full reps (not half reps) are better.

To lose weight? Full reps (not half reps) are better.

To build muscle? Guess what, FULL REPS (not half reps) are better.


And this exact same science can be applied to your English.

When you try to smash (=learn) as many words as you can in a week, all you’re doing is stroking your ego (=make yourself feel good).

Will it make you a super-duper English user? Nope.

So what should you do? How many words should you learn?

Your answer is in the video below.





Okay, so now you know about ego-lifting and ego-learning. You know about half repping and full repping your lifts and your English…. So now what?

Now, you go forth and put this knowledge to good use and make some changes to your learning.

You can also go ahead and join the EFS Vault for more EASY to apply and SUPER effective English learning advice if you’re really serious about improving your English!


Sam OUT!

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