How To Learn English Without Wasting Time

The first step to learning any language is: passion.

If you’re not passionate about the language (or at least interested in the language), you’re going to have a bad time.

Case in point…

When I was 11 years old, I was told that I HAD to learn German in school.

I didn’t have a choice about this.

I spent 5 years being told to practice gendered nouns and verb forms.

And then after 5 years, I got a C in my German GCSE and never used it again.

All I can remember from that class are some funny words I looked up in the dictionary and “Hello, how are you?”

Everyone has a story like this and it’s because teachers in schools don’t really focus on making students interested in learning a language.

If a teacher spends just a little bit of time getting students interested, it can change everyone’s learning experience.

Here’s a side story for ya… When I taught English to international footballers at Nike, my students weren’t interested in learning English… My students were interested in playing football.

So I spent a bit of time making English more relevant to their lives and giving them the chance to use English in the way that they wanted to…

The result?

A huge improvement in their English, of course.

But that’s not the best thing. One of the footballers came up to me at the end of the semester and said:

“If my teachers in school taught English like you do, my English would be so much better today”.

So – if finding the passion is the first step to success… what are the second and third steps?

Well motivation plays a part, and so does being consistent.

But none of that matters unless you have the TIME to study.

A lot of people are busy, and English just isn’t something they can spend a lot of time doing.

So what can you do?

You can learn to study smart and use your time effectively.

And I’ll show you how to do it in my workshop tomorrow.

The title of the workshop is:


And it’s free to attend.

There will also be a (limited time) replay if you can’t be live.

All I ask is that you sign up, watch it and use the advice I give you.

It works.

Here’s the link to join:


It’s open to everyone, so please share it with your English learning friends.

See you then!


English For Study

Ps. If you skipped to the end, I’m doing a workshop tomorrow called:


It’ll help you to learn MORE English in LESS time.

Perfect, right?

It’s free to join, just click the link below and sign up.

Oh, and share it with your friends too.


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