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It Could Have Died… [Grammar]

The other day, my beautiful, pregnant wife and I were talking about the turtle we saved the other day.

She said, “if the turtle doesn’t eat, it could have died.”

Uh oh… English mistaaaake

I corrected her, right there in the car.

I did it, not because I’m a bad husband, but because I’m a good teacher.

I made a quick 2 minute video about my explanation of difference between:
it could die and it could have died.

It’s a common mistake, so I hope the video helps.

Here’s the video:

Or click here: https://youtu.be/IITe6X1s0p8

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Ps. Since I shared my video interview with Kim (from English with Kim), people have been asking me to make more videos, so they can hear my “lovely English accent”.

So why not?

If you’ve got an English question or topic you want me to make a video about, tell me about it. Click the link below to send me your requests:

Click here to make a request

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