Internet Slang Abbreviations

English Internet Slang Abbreviations (The Common Ones)

Internet slang abbreviations are everywhere in the English language part of the internet. As the Game of Thrones saying goes: the internet is dark and full of terrors… But don’t worrry! This lesson will help you to light up the dark parts.

Before we jump into the meat of this lesson, let’s first look at what abbreviations are.

Abbreviations are long words or phrases shortened to just a few letters. For example, oh my god  is OMG, and what the f*ck is WTF. Everyone knows these two though.

The internet slang abbreviations we’re going to cover today are not as well-known, but they are still very, very common.

The internet has had a huge impact on language and all of these abbreviations are intended to make it faster and more convenient to convey opinions and feelings. I actually think it’s really interesting because the internet changes the way we use English.

Anyway, let’s get to the video.

In this video, you’re going to learn a few abbreviations that you’ll see all over the internet, such as:

  • MFW
  • AF
  • TL;DR
  • IKR
  • IMHO

Internet Slang Abbreviations


Over To You

So, now you should have a good idea of the abbreviations you see on the internet. If you want to find them in context, I’d recommend that you start hanging around on Facebook, Instagram or Reddit.

Reddit is a pretty good place to start. You can just find a post you like and join the conversation.

So, what now?

  1. Go and find some communities on the social media platform of your choice.
  2. Notice the abbreviations
  3. Join in the conversations
  4. Join the EFS Vault 

If you didn’t know, the Vault is my English members’ only area that contains all the English language trainings you need to successfully study English on your own. Check it out.

Anyway, that’s it!

Sam OUT!

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