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Why You Should Find Your ‘Hidden English Potential’


“If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Thomas Edison


This little quote refers to something called ‘hidden potential’ – the ability to do things that you didn’t think was possible.

A good example of this is Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is basically a story of good vs. evil. It’s a story where a clumsy kid ‘finds out’* that he is a wizard. When he finds out he is a wizard, he also becomes a celebrity. But it’s not all fun and games because he also finds out that his life is in danger.

It’s not only a story of good vs. evil, but also one of hidden potential. Harry uses his hidden potential to defeat many enemies, such as large snakes and soul-eating creatures. Although the evil is much stronger than the good, eventually the good defeats the evil.

The good guys use their hidden potential to win.

The thing is – hidden potential reveals itself only when you most need it.

You might even think of hidden potential as the motivation you get when you NEED to finish an essay or presentation before the deadline.

For many people, their hidden potential stays hidden forever. They do just enough, or they become satisfied with what they do.

But just imagine if you were able to unlock just a small part of your hidden English potential – your English could improve dramatically. You’d be able to improve your English easily.

It’s my mission to help you to unlock your hidden English potential, and to help you to (finally!) reach your goals in English (be that better communication, better exam scores or saying what’s on your mind).

So today, I want you to tell me – what do you wish you could achieve in six weeks? – just leave a comment and tell me.


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  • find out = discover or to learn something

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