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Struggling to Make Decisions

I don’t know about you…

But I find simple decisions the hardest to make.

I have no trouble in deciding what to study, where to go on holiday, what to spend my money on or even who to marry.

But when it comes to what to eat for dinner…

I just can’t decide.

And it’s not just me that does it. Most people I know also struggle deciding what to eat for dinner.

Life is full of these small, ‘unimportant’ decisions and for some reason, we find them really difficult to make.

But these small ‘unimportant’ decisions make life so interesting because they often require discussions.

And it’s these discussions which cause all sorts of trouble for English learners because:

  • There are lots of quick answer questions
  • People speak quickly without making full sentences
  • People don’t ask questions, but expect feedback
  • The language used isn’t ‘proper English
  • The conversations move quickly
  • You don’t have much time to think

These small decisions can actually become pretty big problems for English learners.

It’s like you just don’t have the words to make these decisions quickly.

But not to worry.

In this month’s issue of The Difference, you’ll learn all about how to join in these conversations and make decisions quickly.

You’ll also learn how to train yourself to respond to questions automatically…

That means you’ll be able to speak without thinking.

Just like you do in your first language.

The deadline to join for this lesson pack is tomorrow…

(because that’s when it’s being printed and posted)

Join/learn more here:


English For Study

This has now expired, but to get updates on next month’s lesson pack, sign up here:

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