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Earlier this week, I asked the English For Study newsletter readers a question:

Why is learning English on your own difficult?”

And they sent me some great answers.

As I predicted, many of the answers described a specific problem. I’ll be addressing these problems in the future.

Today, however, I want to focus on a success story from one of the English For Study readers.

Her name is Monica and she is from Italy.

Her story is quite inspirational for anyone who does self study but feels like they don’t have enough time to study.

Here’s Monica’s story:


“I’m Italian, a full time employee and a mother of 2 kids, so I don’t have much spare time to study, but I “make time” every day because I feel so proud of myself every time I watch a Ted-talk or an interview on Bloomberg and I can understand most of what they are saying, or when I speak to one of my English customers and they don’t have to slow down their speech to make them being understood.

What I get from speaking English is definitely much more than the efforts I make to study it!”


There are two things that I really like about Monica’s story.

The first one is her ‘get it done’ attitude. Like many people, she is busy and she has a life outside of learning English. In fact, she’s probably busier than many people!

But you know what?

She makes time to study because learning English is important to her. She enjoys and values the time that she gets to study (whether that’s 10 minutes or two hours!)

It’s that attitude which has helped her to be successful in self study.

The second thing I like is her positive attitude. Her life is not dedicated to learning English. In fact it’s the opposite. Monica learns English because it improves her life and makes it more fun.

And not only that…

She also celebrates her English wins, such as understanding English speaking customers and TED Talks.

So, if there’s anything that you should learn from this story, it’s this:

“What I get from speaking English is definitely much more than the efforts I make to study it!”

If learning English is worth the effort to you, you’ll find a way to learn it. This is espeically important if you self study English.

Until next time, be positive and celebrate your wins.


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