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I Make Mistakes When I Speak in English [New Video]

I received an interesting email from an English For Study subscriber the other day about English speaking frustrations.

The email read:

For me, the big frustration is to speak. I am always afraid to make mistakes. When I talk to native speakers, my sentences are still disordered. The words that I know well have not come to mind. “

To me it sounds like our friend Bulgan two main frustrations:

  1. Making mistakes with sentence structure when speaking, such as using the words in the right order.
  2. Using the right words at the right time.

These two frustrations are quite common in intermediate and higher English learners, so instead of writing an email about it, I decided to make a video about it.

In the video I talk about:

  • The cause of these frustrations
  • Why more advanced English learners suffer from these frustrations
  • What you can do to overcome these frustrations.

You can watch the video here:



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