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“If I Got A Tattoo, I Would Pass Away”

I had a funny conversation with my fiancé today.

If you didn’t know, she’s not a native English speaker… She’s technically an English learner, like you.

She’s been learning English for a while, though. Probably over 13 years, I guess. But, you know, she still makes mistakes, just like everyone.

Here’s a funny one from today.

We were talking about tattoos and how it feels to get a tattoo. As you probably know, tattoos can be a bit painful, so she said…

“If I got a tattoo, I might pass away.”


I had to laugh!

She said ‘pass away’, but really she meant ‘pass out’.

You see, pass away means to die… to decease… to no longer exist.

But pass out means to lose consciousness… to faint… to black out.

She meant that the pain from the tattoo would make her faint, not die.

But we both laughed about her mistake, and we didn’t make a big thing about it.

Have you ever done that?

Made a funny English mistake and laughed about it?

If you have… leave a comment below, I want to hear about it.

Mistakes are something that I think a lot of English learners get frustrated with. But, what if I told you that you were probably focusing on your mistakes too much?

There are more important things than mistakes… But that’s a story for another time…

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