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Three Facebook Groups You Should Avoid Like The Plague

Today, I’m going to share three Facebook groups you should NOT join. If you want to improve your English, avoid these groups like the plague*.

#1 The ‘All-In’ Group

If you’ve ever been in a Facebook group with over 50,000 members, you’ll know that they are full of spam and men looking for pretty women.

When a group lets everyone join, you get the good guys and the bad guys joining. On the one hand, you get a lot of members. On the other hand, the good members usually leave because they are sick of spam and weird guys. In the end, all the good members leave and only the strange guys are left.

#2 The ‘English Textbook’ Group

This Facebook group might also be called: The ‘Quick Quiz’ group.

In this group, people just post short quizzes and ask for ‘a, b or c’. Often these quizzes have mistakes in them, and sometimes the answers aren’t even correct. But that’s not really the problem.

The problem is that there is no interaction. People aren’t talking to each other, they are just writing a letter.

So basically, it’s just an English textbook disguised as a Facebook group. Pointless – if you ask me.

#3 The ‘Nice To Meet You’ Group

This final group begins well, but ends badly. In this group, people join; post a photo of themselves, and say ‘hello’. And then that’s it.

They don’t talk. They don’t interact. They just become another number. They might get hundreds of responses saying ‘hello’ and ‘nice 2 meet u’, but that’s it. Without the ‘hello’ posts, these groups are silent.
Like I said before: if you want to improve your English, avoid these groups.

Well, what groups should you join?

You should join a group where you can discuss, ask questions and join conversations in a safe environment – like the English For Study Community (https://englishforstudy.com/facebook/).  The English For Study Community is a Facebook group that has active members who discuss, help and interact with each other.

It’s a fun, productive and safe environment where you are encouraged to join in and take part (after you’ve introduced yourself).

And I check every member before letting them join.

So, if you want to join a group where you can interact and improve with other English learners, who are on their own paths to being great English writers and speakers, come and join us:



English For Study

Ps. Have you had any bad experiences in Facebook groups? Leave a comment let me know.

*  Avoid [something] like the plague = completely avoid something

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