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“Can I REALLY Learn English On My Own?”

Today I am going to answer a question that’s probably been in your mind for a while.

It’s a question that makes people doubt themselves. It makes English learners, like you, say to themselves: “Can I really do this?”

QUESTION: “Sam, I love learning English, but I just can’t improve. Do I need a teacher or can I study on my own?”

ME: It all depends on you and your situation.

If you haven’t been studying English for very long (like less than a year), then I’d say get yourself a teacher or join a class. Pure beginners (people who can literally only say “hello, my name is James”) need a structured language class. There is an exception to this: if you have learned other languages before, you might be able to learn English on your own.

If you have been studying English for a while (at least a year. 2+ is better), then yes, you can definitely learn English on your own. No questions about it.

To put it another way, if you understand what I’m talking about here (or at least 70%), you’re in your English learning prime. You’re in great position to learn English.

And you’re in the best position to self study.


Because never before has there been so much English learning material available to you. English is used on over 52% of the internet (this is followed by Russian @ 6.4%), and that means more ways for you to learn English.

BUT – if you’re going to learn English on your own, you need to do it properly.

Many people ‘fall into the trap‘* of just watching videos and reading books thinking that they’re learning English… Really, they’re just wasting their time. You see, when you just ‘watch videos’ and ‘read books’, you feel like you’re doing work, but really, not too much is happening.

Don’t fall into the trap of watching videos and reading booking and *hoping* your English will improve.

Learn how to self study properly, so that you English will definitely improve.


I’ve even created a special training where I show you how to find and use the best English articles and videos for you. This training will save you hours of searching the internet for something ‘just right’! Get the Silver or Gold to access that special training:


English For Study

Ps. Don’t get me wrong: reading books and watching movies is much better than doing nothing. If you do nothing, you can never hope to improve.

*Fall into the trap = make the mistake

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