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If Learning English Was Easy,You’d Already Be Fluent

Sam Pealing | April 2019

What if there was a way to learn English effectivelywithout feeling stressed, confused and frustrated?

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about learning English. You just did English. You lived it. You experienced it.

Academic presentation to a room full of people? No problem.A conversation with someone who you have just met? YepReading, writing and speaking about any topic you enjoy? Of courseActually enjoying learning and using English? Absolutely!​

The truth is – many students learn English the wrong way.

They read lots of grammar rules without using them. They study word lists with no context. And they focus on learning textbook English with bad examples.

Will that help them to achieve a high level of English? Will it help them to communicate effectively?Not likely…

But the good news is you’re here now.

I’m Sam Pealing, the founder of English For Study.​ And I create successful English users.

At English For Study, I give you real, proven strategies that will help you to end English frustration. These strategies will change the way that you learn English forever.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: I share English learning strategies which work.

Step #2: You use these strategies and improve your English faster and easier than before.

For example, would you like to improve your listening in just 10 minutes? Just follow the three simple steps in this article.

Or how about improving your speaking (even if you have no-one to practice with)? Just use the easy strategy in this article.

Or do you forget words easily and you want an easy way to remember them? Try one of these 14 effective ways to remember new words.

I’m looking forward to helping you find English freedom. I’m looking forward to helping you end English frustration.

And if you’re wondering where to start, I’d suggest that you start by clicking the blue button below.​

– Sam​

(WARNING: The information inside the guide is very powerful.)





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