Do You Like To Travel?

How To Fit In Like A Native When You Travel

What You'll Learn:

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    What to do in the SIX ESSENTIAL cultural situations you will meet when you travel.   
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    How to ACT like a local and not a tourist (There's nothing wrong with being a tourist, but this might help you to feel the culture a bit more!)
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    The EXACT things you need to say to sound polite and friendly.
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    How to 'save face' when you're traveling... In other words, how to avoid doing things that will make you feel embarrassed). 

What Are People Saying?


"Hi Sam,

Thanks a lot for the tourist guide that you created. I found it precise, concise and also amusing.

I hope I could travel abroad one day and be able to put it into practice. I've shared it the link with some friends. Thanks again."

~ Ilhem


"Hi Sam, Thanks so much! This is extremely useful!"

~ Anastasia

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