Are You Ready To Take
Your Academic Writing
To The Next Level

Are you a researcher or a student who needs to produce high-quality written English?

Well, you are in the right place.

For several years, I’ve been helping students from all over the world to develop the quality of their written assignments. I’ve helped them go from IELTS to masters degree and PhDs with success and minimal stress.

The truth is Academic English is no-one’s first language, and everyone, even native English speakers have to learn how to communicate effectively through writing.

I’ve Been There,
And I Know It’s Difficult,
Especially If You Don’t Enjoy Writing.

I remember sitting in front of my computer watching my blank screen for hours. This was in my first year at university. Eventually, I wrote something, and I submitted it the next day.

I was excited to get my feedback – I’ve always liked to improve myself – but I was shocked to see that my lecturer had suggested that I go to ‘academic writing’ classes. And I wasn’t the only one. Most of the class had the same comments on their writing.

And that is the reality.. The truth is...

Academic Writing Is Difficult,
Even For Native English Speakers.

​In fact, academic writing is a skill. And like all skills it needs practice, guidance and support to help it develop.

Over the years, I have not only developed my own writing to a high standard, but I have also helped others to do the same. As an academic writing coach and a lecturer in Academic English, I can help you to develop your own writing.

Finally, those errors and mistakes that you make will be corrected.

You’ll learn how to plan, structure and write more. You’ll learn to generate ideas easily. You’ll learn language structures and patterns to make your language more complex, but still simple.

Because You Are Individual,
Your Experience Will Be Individual.

I will assess your writing, and help you to improve on your weaknesses. Each week, you’ll complete a writing assignment, which we will discuss, correct and learn from in the weekly coaching call.

Here's what you will get:

Weekly writing assignments
designed to help you develop
your weak areas

Weekly coaching calls to discuss your progress, assess your writing, plan, create goals and assign tasks.

Professional support, guidance
and advice from an
Academic English specialist

Is Academic Writing Coaching Right for You?


  • You are serious about improving your writing
  • You can dedicate 2 hours a week to improving your writing
  • You can take advice and apply it to your own writing and ideas
  • You have been frustrated with your writing for years, and now you're ready to take action


  • Students who want someone to write their essay for them
  • Students who are lazy and won't complete the assignments.
  • Students who are just looking for conversation classes
  • Students who are not prepared to work

Here's what you get:

Personalised Writing Assignments

These writing assignments are designed to work on various aspects of academic writing, including cohesion, the use of sources, argument development, paragraph structure, contrasting and comparing language, cause and effect language, framing information, and the many writing mistakes that academic writers make.


Coaching Calls = weekly 1-to-1 calls

These are coaching calls on Skype where we discuss your writing, how you can improve, the language points of focus, your plan and goal for the following week. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions. The sessions last 30-40 minutes


Professional Support and Guidance

All learners receive my personal coaching and professional and academic advice. If you sign up to the 4-week coaching programs, you receive bonus email support, where you can email your (reasonable) burning questions during the week.

Start Today!
Choose Your Coaching Plan Below

1 Week 

$52/ per week

Paid weekly

  • 2 x Personalised Writing Assignment
  • 1 x Needs Assessment
  • 1 x Coaching Call

4 Weeks - Standard

$45/ per week

Paid monthly

  • 8 x Personalised Writing Assignments per month
  • Ongoing Needs Assessment
  • 4 x Coaching Calls per month
  • Email Support

4 Weeks - Rapid

$80/ per week

Paid monthly

  • 16 x Personalised Writing Assignments per month
  • Ongoing Needs Assessment
  • 8 x Coaching Calls per month
  • Email Support

Not Sure If Coaching Is Right For You?

I understand that it can be hard to decide whether to invest in your English skills if you have had some bad experiences in the past.

So if you're still not sure, come and have a chat with me on Skype to see if this coaching can help you to reach your goals.

If you'd like to schedule a meeting with me, click the button below.

What Have People Said?

Bin LinM.A. Student
"There were more mistakes in my writing than I expected! It was definitely useful to work with Sam."

Sam gave me very professional advice on how to improve my English skills. His advice helped me to correct my sentence mistakes, language and structure. He also taught me how to avoid my grammar mistakes in the future. There were more mistakes in my writing than I expected!  It was definitely useful to work with Sam. English For Study is a really great place for students, I think.

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