Are you happy with your English?

Silly question, right?

I mean, if you were, you wouldn't be here.

So, to celebrate the opening of the EFS Vault, I've decided to giveaway some of my best English trainings for free...

That's right.

One lucky person will get a year of FREE access to the English For Study Learning Vault (value $350+) which contains all of the following:

  • A step-by-step video guide on how to think in English in just four weeks
  • A workshop teaching you how to learn English from English movies, articles, TED Talks and TV programs
  • Supercharge Your English - a one week sprint program designed to boost your vocabulary & fluency in one week) 
  • Find Your Path - a program that helps you to take control of your learning by choosing what and how to learn.
  • A workshop on how to sound like a native speaker - the strategies and things to focus on if you want to speak like a native (and no, it's not all about accent).
  • Hours of QnA sessions, grammar lessons and language focus  video lessons 
  • And much more...

Pretty much everything you need to improve your English.

Want to win?

All you need to do is click the button below and enter your details.

Sam Pealing | English For Study

This is the first time I've given away complete access to some of my best English trainings, workshops and programs all in one place. This stuff is powerful. If you use it, I have no doubt that you can dramatically improve your English in a year.

Good luck!

Ps. Even if you are happy with your English, I guarantee you will find some incredibly useful language and strategies inside the EFS Vault.

Sam Pealing

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