Is Your English 'Travel Proof'?

English language teacher unlocks the door to speaking quick, easy and confident English when you travel.

Dear Eager English Learner,

I'm Sam Pealing. I run English For Study and I teach English to beautiful and super intelligent English learners as a job.

I specialise in a few things: helping international students get better grades at university, helping advanced English learners to overcome their barriers and become EVEN GREATER at English AND helping people master English through situations rather than topics...

With that in mind... I have a question for you...

Do you want to know how you can travel to the UK (or any other English speaking country) and feel comfortable and happy with your English in any situation?

If you said, "yes", read on...

One of the most frightening things about traveling is speaking the language.

Have you ever had an embarrassing situation when you've been traveling?

I have...

I've missed flights, taken the wrong trains, walked into the wrong toilets and drunk the wrong water...

If there's something you can do wrong when traveling, I've probably done it.

So when you go traveling to England or Europe, you probably think, "sure, I've studied English... I know what to say."


What happens when you need to catch a bus? Or make a transfer at the airport? Or return a purchase? Or find that one random cosmetic product your friend asked you to buy? Or find your lost wallet? Or ask the person on reception to book you a taxi? Or... (And the list goes on...)

As you may know, I teach English at a university in England. Every year, I ask my students "What was the one thing you were most scared about when you came to the UK?".

Do you know what they say?

9/10 they say the most scary thing is "speaking to English people"... (Not getting good grades or eating strange food.)


Shock! Horror! Terror!

Now, I should say that we English speakers are not really scary people. We are not monsters, and we will not haunt you like ghosts...

... But we do speak fast, use strange words, pronounce things in weird ways, and use some funny expressions.

So, I can understand your fears of making mistakes and feeling embarrassed.

So, what can you do?

Most people will tell you to buy an English phrasebook. Afterall, if you're traveling, a phrasebook contains everything you need, right?


Phrasebooks barely scratch the surface of the complex and confusing language that you will meet when you travel.

Most phrasebooks give you phrases, like "where is the toilet?" or "how much is this?", but they won't help you to respond to questions or find your way around tricky conversations.

To prove my point, let's do a little quiz.

Before you read any further, answer this question:

>> Imagine it's suddenly started pouring with rain. You run into a nearby shop to take cover. You want to buy an umbrella. How would you buy one?

Take a minute, write it down on a piece of paper...

Now look at this example from a phrasebook:

"Hello. I would like to buy an umbrella."

"Okay. Here are the umbrellas."

"Thank you. I would like to buy the red one. How much is it?"

"It is five pounds"

"Okay, great. Here you are."

"Thank you. Here you are."

The good thing here is that you have a conversation (and context) to learn from... The problem with this is: No-one really speaks like it.

So... Here's my 'real world' example:

"Hi, I'm looking for the umbrellas. Where are they?"

"Just on the left. There."

"How much are the big ones?

"four pound ninety seven"

"All right."

In my example, you'll find examples of real life English like: indirect questions, referring nouns and sentences without verbs.

This asks the question:

If phrasebooks are not very useful, why do so many people buy them?

The answer is simple:

Because they have no other choice

And I have a horror story from one of my students that shows you just what I mean...

She Lost Her Luggage And It Ruined Her Life

It's true, and it happens.

Before she became my student, an English learning travel-enthusiast had enjoyed a trip to England with her friends.

We'll call her Emma.

Well, Emma enjoyed her trip until the worst thing happened: she lost her luggage.

Now, there are times when you lose your luggage and you can't avoid it. It just happens. But this time it was 100% avoidable.

Emma missed the instructions to pick up her

luggage when she was making a transfer.

When she was checking into her flight, the check-in desk attendant would have said, "When you make your transfer, you will need to collect your bags and check them in again for your connecting flight".

The problem here was that Emma didn't understand the instructions. She just smiled and moved on.

And when she finally arrived home from her trip, she found out that her luggage had not arrived with her...

Her luggage was still sitting in an airport halfway across the world!

It took a few days for her bags to finally get home to her (and it cost a bit of money too). But for those few days, Emma didn't have her makeup, phone charger, clothes, shoes or house keys.

Yes. Her life was ruined. But not over (lol)

Fast forward a few years...

Emma started taking general English classes and bought some phrasebooks to help her when she travels.

But even though she had been to the UK several times and has studied English for a few years, she still felt nervous when taking the train or shopping or making transfers or even making a reservation at the restaurant.

But the things that scared her the most were 'unpredictable situations'... You know... The ones where you need to return an item or lose a bag or give the person the wrong money in the shop.

Losing her luggage really created a bad memory.

But she didn't just feel nervous. She also felt a bit disappointed. She loved traveling, but couldn't fully enjoy her trips because her English wasn't good enough.

The phrase books and English classes weren't working.

She needed to try something different.

That's when she came to me and I tried something different...

Instead of just teaching general conversation or going over the same, dull vocabulary and grammar points that phrasebooks give you...

I took a completely situational approach to travel.

You see, traveling isn't a single chapter in a textbook. It's a journey of many different situations all combined into one big experience.

So, I mapped out the whole tourist journey - from getting on the plane in your country, to making a transfer, eating out at restaurants, shopping, getting on the plane back home, and everything else in between.

And I brought it to life using my knowledge of travel, my ability to analyse and simplify things and, of course, my years of English teaching experience.

The result?

My approach created helped Emma turn into a more confident, independent traveller who could handle any situation in English. (She actually confessed to me that she was excited to travel and speak to people in English!)

But I wasn't convinced. I wanted to see if my student was special or if my lessons worked well, so I tried the same lessons with a few more students, and each one felt the same way: like they were more prepared than ever to travel and use English.

But not only that....

Each of my students who once felt nervous and shy to use

English when traveling, now felt excited to start conversations

and speak to English speakers!

I was personally blown away by these results.

And that was when I realised I had created a complete travel English course that answers all of the common questions and worries that English learners have when traveling.

In other words, it makes your English 'travel-proof'.

I call this program:​​​​
The Ultimate Travel Companion

The Ultimate Travel Companion an English language companion that you can use to study before you travel, in the air or even while you travel to help you have a stress-free holiday whilst using your English to communicate.

And it has one main aim:

To enable you to be able to enjoy your

holiday without worrying about your English.

It's specially designed for two types of people:

  1. The Hopeful Talkers: people who want to be able to speak English confidently while they travel (even if they don't think they are able to).
  2. The Independent Travelers: People who want to have their own holiday and without a guided tour.

And if you don't have a lot of time, don't worry. All the language and lessons are super simple and direct, so you can complete them easily and quickly.

Would You Like To Feel Confident In Any Situation When You Travel?

Take a look at these different travel situations.

You will feel confident in all of these situations after using the
Ultimate Travel Companion:

Airport Survival​​​​

Remove the stress from travelling - all the way from choosing your meal on the plane to going through security and getting your tax refund.

Eating Out

Eating food is important, right? Never order the wrong thing by learning how to read a menu, ask to make changes to your order and make reservations.


Shopping - one of the most popular holiday activities. Learn how to shop like a local and feel comfortable shopping whether you're in the high street or a supermarket. 

Public Transport

There aren't many things scarier than jumping on a bus or a train in a foreign country... this will hopefully make it less scary!

Days Out

Days out are things like going to museums, sightseeing on foot, finding tourist destinations. Navigate your way around in English in this section.


Anything and everything you could possibly say to the hotel staff. From checking in to asking for more pillows.


Ordering drinks can be tough - bars and pubs are loud, busy places. This section will help you cut out the noise and focus on having a couple of relaxing drinks.


Emergency Situations

It pays to be prepared for situations you wish would never - such as losing your bag or missing your flight.




Money deserves it's own section because it really is that important. Here you'll learn how numbers sound and what you can expect shop assistants to say and how to exchange money.


Daily Conversation

Don't worry - you won't need to learn a lot of English to have a simple conversation. In this section, you'll learn the language you need to have a simple conversation (and feel good about it)

How Will It Help You?

  • bullseye
    Learn essential travel vocabulary that will make it easy for you to understand what everything means. 
  • bullseye
    Short, fast lessons to help you learn the English you need... Quickly.
  • bullseye
    No fluff or filler - this is perfect for busy English learners who need to learn English in their own time.
  • bullseye
    SUPER-SPECIFIC lessons with a focus on situations. These are real life situations that you will encounter on your holidays... not something out of a text book.
  • bullseye
    Real spoken English with the features of real spoken English. English speakers don't talk like robots (and they don't use perfect grammar either). 
  • bullseye
    Understand everyone you speak to using my special 'What Did They Say Prediction Technique'
  • bullseye
    Remember and use the language from the lessons quickly and easily using my simple 'I.F.S' System.
  • bullseye
    Finally understand people when they give you directions.
  • bullseye
    Read a menu quickly and order your food (even learn how to change the order).
  • bullseye
    Pay in a shop (with cash or card) and quickly understand how much something costs.
  • bullseye
    Have you ever joined the wrong queue/line? You won't do it again with a simple question you'll learn in the DAYS OUT section.
  • bullseye
    Find anything in any shop using the quick and easy question builder in SHOPPING Section
  • bullseye
    Ease the stress from losing a passport or wallet with the step-by-step instructions and language in the EMERGENCY SITUATIONS section.
  • bullseye
    Learn how to take FULL advantage of your hotel staff by asking for more pillows, booking breakfast and arranging taxis in the HOTEL section.
  • bullseye
    Impress your friends (or date) by quickly and confidently ordering drinks in a busy pub in the DRINKING section 
  • bullseye
    Take the correct bus and train (and get off at the right stop!) in the PUBLIC TRANSPORT section. Be honest... Taking the wrong bus or train is one of your big fears, right? We'll kill that fear here.
  • bullseye
    Enjoy conversations with locals (and even start some of your own!) in the DAILY CONVERSATIONS section

Join the Ultimate Travel Companion now!

This isn't an ebook or a course or a guide. This is an all inclusive program that will take you from the airplane to the hotel to the restaurant to the pub and to your tourist destinations. This is the program you need to give you the holiday you dream of.


Traveling is supposed to be a happy time, but for many people it is stressful. Don't let English be another cause of stress...

I know from experience that it only takes ONE bad experience to ruin a day or even a whole trip, and I don't want that to happen to you because of English.

And that's why I am creating this course - to give you the language you need to handle (almost) any situation that you will encounter when you travel and to give you the confidence to use your English when you're on holiday.

This is your chance to make your English travel-proof.

When you join the Ultimate Travel English Companion, you'll be able to access the whole course (including updates) for life. You'll also have access to all the MP3 lessons and cheat sheets, so you can take the lessons with you (even on the airplane)!

Now, this part is important:

*** This is a private launch***

This means that you are one of just a few lucky people who

have the chance to join this special program at a special price.

When this course is released to the public, it will be double (or even triple) the price. But you can join today for only two payments of $45 (or save 15% by paying just  one payment of $77)

And that's all you'll ever pay for LIFETIME access and updates...

...That means once you join, you get all updates to the course for FREE and you can access the lessons (once you have completed them) at any time.

For that price, you are getting the 7 Core Modules full of the most essential situational travel language that you won't find anywhere else (either on the internet or in a phrasebook) PLUS The 3 BONUS Modules  that will help you enjoy your holiday even more.

In each section you get all the language structures, vocabulary, and options you need to enjoy your holiday. There are also 'fill-in-the-blank' conversation patterns that you can use to speak English quickly and easily as well as multiple choice answers.

Speaking in English has never been this easy.

You're also getting:

  1. Travel-friendly audio lessons in MP3 format... AND
  2. The Travel Essentials Cheat Sheets (that you can study while sitting on the bed in your hotel room)... AND
  3. My I.F.S System, the backed-by-research language learning strategies that will help you learn everything extremely quickly.

Before you ask... this isn't a translator or dictionary... It's much much more than that.

Translators and dictionaries are a support that will hold you up when you try to walk.

But the Ultimate Travel Companion will teach to walk.

In a nutshell, the Ultimate Travel Companion is a program that will:

  1. Take you by the hand and walk you through each and every situation you can imagine when traveling
  2. Give you all the language structures and vocabulary you will need to have a stress-free holiday
  3. Teach you the strategies that will help you to learn the English fast

There really is nothing else like this available.

Now, I should make this extremely clear:

This low price is ONLY for 20 16 people. 

When the spaces are gone, the program will reopen in 2018 at a higher price. 


So... Are you ready to make your English 'Travel-Proof'?

When you join the Ultimate Travel Companion, this is what you get:

  • The 7 Core Modules and 3 Bonus Modules full of SUPER-SPECIFIC situational English lessons that cover (almost) every travel situation you can imagine.
  • Travel-friendly MP3 lessons (take 'em with you)
  • 'The Essentials' Cheatsheets (quick reference sheets for when you're in your hotel room)
  • More speaking confidence than you ever knew you could have
  • My 'Tried, Tested and Proven' I.F.S System to help you learn faster than ever (whilst remembering more and feeling more and confident!)
  • + BONUS: Have Your Say - As an early student of this program, you will be able to get extra support AND help to shape the future of this program.

TODAY, is your chance to make your English travel-proof and get rid of holiday stress caused by speaking English. In this program, you will get everything  you need from how to learn quickly to all the language you will need to have a stress-free holiday.

I know I probably don't need to repeat this, but I will...

When this course is released to the public, it will be double (or even triple) the price. But you can join today for only two payments of $45 (or save 15% by paying just  one payment of $77)

And that's all you'll ever pay for LIFETIME access and updates...

Like I said before there are only 20 16 spaces left at this low price.

After they are gone, the program will close until 2018 and will reopen at a higher price.

Ready to travel with confidence?



Billed Monthly for 3 months

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  • The 7 Core UTC Modules
  • The 3 Bonus UTC Modules
  • The Travel Essentials Cheatsheets
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    The 'Listen on the Go' MP3​ Lessons
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    The 'Have Your Say' Bonus (Help to shape the future of the program)
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    All Future Updates



Billed Monthly for 2 months

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  • The 7 Core UTC Modules
  • The 3 Bonus UTC Modules
  • The Travel Essentials Cheatsheets
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    The 'Listen on the Go' MP3​ Lessons
  • star
    The 'Have Your Say' Bonus (Help to shape the future of the program)
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    Access Anytime
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    All Future Updates



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  • The 7 Core UTC Modules
  • The 3 Bonus UTC Modules
  • The Travel Essentials Cheatsheets
  • star
    The 'Listen on the Go' MP3​ Lessons
  • star
    The 'Have Your Say' Bonus (Help to shape the future of the program)
  • star
    Access Anytime
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    All Future Updates

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Try it and love it or get your money back. 

Look, I know that joining an online course may be something new and scary for you. I was the same as you a few years ago, so I understand.

That's why I'm offering you this guarantee: If you join the course, do the work and don't like it OR don't see any positive results, just contact me (Sam) before 30th November 2017 and I'll refund you 100% of the price you paid.

That way I take all the risk and you can sign up and enjoy!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I pay with....?

Can't I get all of this information on the internet?

How do I access the program?

What happens after I pay?

I'm not sure if this program is for me. Who is this program for?

Join the Ultimate Travel English Companion TODAY

Making your English 'travel-proof' has never been easier!

Learn the English you need to have the holiday that you want without spending too much time studying, flicking through phrasebooks or getting stressed.

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