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How To Fit in Like a Local:
The Essential England Travel Guide

If you're going on holiday to England or the UK, this travel guide is an essential read. You'll learn SIX different (and extremely important) cultural points. This guide will help you no matter your reason to travel to the UK!

The 5 Big Mistakes Guide

If you're learning English on your own and in your own time (ie. not in a school), then this guide is going to make your life a bit easier. One of the big struggles of learning a language on your own is feeling a bit lost without having a teacher, so this guide will help you to learn English faster and with less frustration.


English Language University Lecturer Gives You Everything You Need To Finally Speak English With Confidence Fast

I know why you're here...

And it's not because you love me and want to hear from me all the time (yet! LOL)

It's because you've tried many different ways of learning English... Such as classes, teachers, courses, websites...

And you're still not fluent.

Out of the thousands of English learners I’ve worked with, do you know the biggest reasons that hold them back from speaking English with fluency and confidence?

ONE: They focus too much on single words or grammar.

TWO: They ignore the repetition stage.

THREE: They learn the wrong stuff.

Correcting these three mistakes is simple when you know what to do, and the impact it has on your life can be huge!

When you correct these three mistakes by focusing on the right things, having an effective system to practise and repeat and learning the language that is useful for you, you will see three BIG changes happen:


The first change is enjoyment. No-one enjoys putting in the effort and seeing no results. Imagine trying to lose weight and eating salads every day. After a week, you weigh yourself and see… no change.

You think, “no problem! It might take some time to see a change. I’ll keep doing it.” But… after another week, you still see no change. By this time, your motivation is starting to drop, but you stick with it.

Another week goes by, and you weigh the same as before.

You give up.

Making the effort without seeing results SUCKS. When you do the right thing, you see results. You can actually see and feel your English improve.

And guess what?

You start to love English again!


The second change is ability. If you’ve been learning English for a while, chances are you’re doing it for more than just fun. You’re probably doing it to improve your life, get a better job, study abroad, watch movies in English, travel without fear or to be able to live in an English-speaking country.

In all of those situations, being able to speak English well is important.

You’re learning English to be able to communicate, so you need people to be able to understand you.

When you learn real language that English speakers use (not outdated idioms), you’ll be able to communicate like an English speaker, not an English learner.


The third change you’ll notice is confidence. Have you ever felt like you can’t speak to someone because your English isn’t good enough or because the other person won’t understand you?

The traditional way of learning English makes you believe you'll never be good enough to speak English because of endless grammar exercises and poor dialogues.

But, when you follow my system, you’ll develop the confidence to speak to anyone because you will know that you can.


Jojo, a lady in Taiwan, contacted me in 2017 to help her get ready for a trip to England.

When she contacted me, she was falling out of love with English. Her teacher at the time gave her wordlists with random words on them. Each lesson followed the same pattern of learning words from a wordlist and testing them.

BORING! (and not very useful)

She hated this and her English wasn't improving.

When she told me this, I thought, “no wonder, you’re not happy!”. And I explained to her why she wasn’t improving.

After working my magic over a few weeks, she flew to the UK and had the holiday of her dreams. She understood everyone, talked to locals and everyone understood her. It was the best trip to England she had ever had.

She went from feeling bored, unmotivated and lacking confidence to loving English (again), and feeling excited to talk to new people.

The methods and strategies that I used with her (and many of my other students and clients) is all included inside...


The Vault is an English learner’s dream. It’s a resource library full of workshops, programs and high-quality video lessons that will help you to improve your English language ability fast.

When I created the Vault, I wanted it to be the first and last place self-studying English learners went when they needed advice, inspiration or motivation to learn English.

Here are some of the effective training programs you will find inside the Vault:

  • The Vocabulary Supercharger – a 5-day program that will show you how to learn, remember and use vocabulary much faster than you do now.

  • Create Your Path Program – a program that will show you how to create simple, easy-to-follow study plans that will help you to learn faster, so you speak English better.

  • Using Materials Like a Teacher – a workshop that teaches you how to find and use ANYTHING you find on the internet to learn English. You may never use a textbook again.

  • The Three Minute Language Series – A growing series of short, sharp video lessons teaching you USEFUL language that you can start practising and using straightaway.

  • Confidence From Conversations – A confidence-boosting workshop that will inspire you and give you everything you need to start speaking to new people TODAY.

And many, many more strategies, language lessons, tips and tricks to learning English faster than ever before.

When you join the Vault, you instantly have access to over 22 video programs and programs that will all help you to become the English speaker you want to be.

All you need to do then, is select a workshop or program and watch it.
You can access all the videos, programs and workshops on your computer, table or phone at any time that is good for you. After watching the programs, just DO what I teach you, and you will be on your way to becoming the English speaker you dream to be.

"I enjoy the freedom I get from speaking English."

“Learning with Sam is so interesting. His method of learning and teaching is enjoyable and, most importantly, it works. When I travel on holiday, I enjoy speaking to new people, shopping and going to new restaurants. Mostly, I enjoy the freedom I get from speaking English well. Sam is the best teacher I’ve ever had.”



I’ve spent over 10 years, teaching, learning, researching and living languages, and I’ve put the most useful advice I can give you inside the Vault.

If you went to university in the UK to learn this stuff, you would easily spend £20,000 and three or four years of your life to learn what I’ve put inside the Vault. Then you’d have to understand what’s useful and what isn’t useful (surprise: not everything you learn at university is useful lol!)

OR you could spend hours searching around on the internet trying to find something that works. But if this is what you’re already doing, you know it’s not very effective.

Instead, I’ve done all that hard work for you. Each video lesson or program is designed to get you one step closer to your dream – speaking English like an English speaker, not like an English learner.

Usually, to get access to all of these lessons, workshops and programs, it costs $37 a month. At this price, The Vault is a STEAL when you think about how your life could improve when you speak confident English.

BUT! For the next 24 hours, you can access everything in the Vault for just $1. 

For $1, you can open the Vault, try all of the trainings, see the improvement in your English, watch the videos and do everything inside for a whole week. Then, if you decide to stay in the Vault, you pay just $15 a month (that’s a $22 saving on the normal price).

This offer is only available for the next 24 hours (I wish I could offer this all the time lol). After 24 hours, the price will return to $37 per month.


If you’d like to get access to all the English learning advice you need to become a better, more confident English speaker, you need to follow these exact steps.

Remember, this offer disappears in:



Choose your payment choice.

There are two choices:

1. The $1 trial to see everything that is inside.

2. The 60-day pass for $20.

(Note: You can cancel ANYTIME. After the trial or 60-day pass has ended, you will be automatically billed the super-discounted rate of $15)


Put your information, including name, email address and payment information in the 100% secure form below. You can use a credit card or PayPal.



You will be taken to a special page where you can create your username and password to access the Vault.

Now you’re ready to become a better, more confident English speaker faster than ever before!

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