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If you're anything like me, you'll know that learning English isn't about learning a few phrases or being able to use some idioms or phrasal verbs...

No, it's about communicating, impressing, living, feeling, connecting and making relationships...

It's about better job opportunities. It's about feeling confident when you talk to people. It's about becoming a global citizen. It's about standing out from the crowd. It's about understanding what and why you're saying something. It's about fitting in. It's about exploring cultures.

And that's the vision behind my new project (which I've codenamed 'The Difference')... It's not a course because you don't learn English from a course... It's something that will evolve with you and the English language, and it's something that will look deep into the language so you don't just have phrases to use, but you also have the ability to know when to use them and why you're using them...

Oh, and I'll also be diving deep into something that really interests me: language learning strategies - the things that you do to learn English.​

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