It’s the day of your interview/ presentation/ speaking exam/ first day at work or school …

You’ve prepared (of course you have)

In fact, you’ve prepared a TON.

You’ve prepared as much as you could…

But there’s still a pit of doubt in your stomach.

Your hands are sweaty and you couldn’t eat breakfast.

You go into the classroom/ meeting/ exam room…

And as soon as you open your mouth,

The person you’re talking to says:

Sorry, could you just repeat that for me?”

You mumble a quick sorry and try to say it again, your confidence shattered…

This is any English learner’s worst nightmare, am I right?!

Well, if this little intro made your stomach turn, then I’ve got good news for you.

Because on this page…

I’m going to reveal a simple, 10-minute strategy that will give you unshakeable confidence whenever you speak English, making these difficult situations a thing of the past…

Sound good?

Well, I’ve created a little study strategy that I teach my students called:


Improves Your Intonation, Stress, Pronunciation, Speaking Flow & Confidence In Just 10 Minutes A Day With No Difficult Tasks, Expensive Classes Or Textbook

So That You Can Walk Into Exams, Interviews, Presentations And Conversations With Confidence

If you’re an English learner, you probably feel a bit self-conscious (or even very anxious) when you speak English…

This is probably because you know that the way you speak English – your pronunciation, intonation and stress – are like your ‘business card’, and people will judge you as soon as you open your mouth.

Even if the person tries their best not to judge, they can’t help it. It’s wired in each and every human.

Because of this fact of life, you might experience butterflies or knots in your stomach, sweaty hands or weak knees whenever you speak English.

You might even be so nervous that your brain seems to stop working when you speak…

Or you might just feel that your English doesn’t sound natural enough…

If I could show you a really simple way to improve your intonation, pronunciation and sentence stress, so that:

  • You could speak natural-sounding, flowing English, AND

  • Feel confident in your ability to speak

  • WITHOUT having to join expensive classes, join courses or hire teachers

ALL IN JUST 10-minutes a day…

Would you take me up on the offer?


Then this is what I have for you…


You’ll learn how to use this drill directly from the teacher who created it.

In this unique and LIVE workshop you’ll learn:

  • A detailed explanation of each of the four parts of the drill, so you know why you’re doing each part and how it’s helping your speech (I know some of you are language geeks like me!)
  • Examples and simple walkthroughs on how to do each part, with the aim of leaving the workshop and instantly being able to use the drill.
  • How to customise and fit the drill to your own situation & issues, so you can focus on fixing your own mistakes from the very first session.

There will even be a question and answer section at the end, so if there is anything you are unclear about, you can ask me directly.

As well as the live workshop, you’re also going to get:

  • The recording of the workshop, so you can rewatch the workshop at any time. Don’t worry if you can’t be at the workshop live because you’ll get the entire recording to watch whenever you want.
  • A comprehensive quick-start workbook that contains examples and exercises for you to use in the drill, so you can get started right away (& customise the whole thing to your own situation). Of course, you can go completely rogue and not use the workbook at all, but it’s there if you want it.

And the workshop will last as long as it needs too (whether that’s 45 minutes or 90)

Ready to join?

Click here:

Meet Sam

Hi, I’m Sam – an English teacher with 15 years of experience and the creator of the 10-Minute Perfect Pronunciation Drill.

I’ve spent over 8 years working with university level English learners. These students are from all over the world and are getting ready to study in the UK. None of these students speak English as a first language, and so my job is to get them fully prepared.

One of the issues I notice a lot is that many students have a fear of speaking English, and deep down they all feel like they can improve their pronunciation.

I’ve seen this fear affect students in different ways, from breaking down in tears during presentations, to being silent in discussions after being asked “can you repeat that?” too many times.

But that’s not all…

Students have confessed that they are nervous (even anxious in some cases) about speaking to colleagues, employers, interviewers, teachers and examiners because of their pronunciation.

(In one case, an ex-student told me he’d cancelled an interview for a ‘dream job’ because he felt so nervous about speaking to the interviewer in English)

This is why I used my expertise to develop the 10-Minute Perfect Pronunciation Drill with the help of my students.

I looked at the issues and worries that my students had, and then I worked with them to create

a convenient, simple and effective
drill that would improve their pronunciation in just
10-minutes a day

The drill had to be simple to do and convenient so my students did it, but it also had to be something they could customise and practise on their own, independently.

The result is the 10-Minute Perfect Pronunciation Drill that you will learn in this live workshop.

Ready to sort out your pronunciation? Click here:

What Exactly is the 10-Minute Perfect Pronunciation Drill?

That’s a good question, and I guess I should spill the beans on this…

It’s a 4-part speaking exercise that you can use at any time (but ideally 1-2 times a day) and complete it in just 10 minutes.

In fact, 10 minutes is the optimal amount of time for this drill, and doing the drill for 20, 30 or even 60 minutes won’t create much better results.

No, this drill has been designed to be as effective as possible in very short time-frames, and it’s why my students have been able to see incredible results in just days and weeks.

The Drill consists of 4-parts, which together help you to fix and perfect all parts of your spoken English. Let’s look at these in more detail.



PART 1: Problematic Phonemes

Conquer those tricky English sounds that always seem to tie your tongue!

You know how certain English sounds can feel like stumbling blocks in your language journey? With this part of the drill focused on problematic phonemes, you’ll tackle these challenges head-on, mastering them in no time.

The result?

Crystal clear pronunciation that leaves no room for confusion!

PART 2: Intonation Practice

Embrace the music of the English language!

Your voice can dance up and down with our intonation practice, highlighting how the rise and fall of your pitch can transform the meaning of a sentence. By exploring a variety of phrases and sentences, you will learn to control your intonation, effectively expressing exactly what you mean.

With this skill, you’ll communicate with greater impact, making every conversation more meaningful.

PART 3: Minimal Pairs

Become a master of precision with our minimal pairs practice!

English is full of sounds that seem deceptively similar, but you’re about to outsmart them. By practising these minimal pairs, which differ by only one sound, you’ll develop an ear for these subtle differences.

This improved discernment will sharpen both your comprehension and pronunciation, making you a more confident English speaker.

PART 4: Rapid Speech Practice

Dive into the rhythm of natural English speech!

Casual and fast speech can often feel like a secret code – it’s English, but not as you know it. Our rapid speech practice demystifies this, guiding you through commonly linked, reduced, or omitted sounds and words.

With practice, you’ll not only comprehend fast-paced English conversations with ease, but you’ll also speak with a fluency that sounds impressively natural.

Get ready to fit right into any English-speaking environment!

Together, these 4-parts will help to fix any problem areas in your speech, while solidifying the correct areas.

Ready to speak confident, flowing English? Click here:

Is The Drill For You?

If you can’t commit to 10-minutes a day, then this is also not for you.

That’s because a lot of English learners have ‘fossilised’ pronunciation issues.

These are mistakes that you have made for so long that they are not an automatic part of your language. To fix these, you need consistent focused practice.

If you’re completely happy with your pronunciation, then you don’t need this drill.


If you’re like a lot of my students who feel nervous when speaking English, are worried that people won’t understand them, and go into speaking situations worried that they will say something wrong… then this drill is for you.

And it works no matter your level!

It’s a drill that you can easily fit into your daily routine that helps you to fix the problem sounds in your English speaking, no matter your current English level.

You could be a pure-beginner who wants to practise and perfect their pronunciation early,

OR you could be an intermediate learner getting ready for exams and presentations…

OR you could be an advanced speaker who wants to sound more natural, fix issues and possibly feel ready for interviews and conversations.

No matter your current level, if you’re not totally happy with your pronunciation, intonation or sentence stress, the 10-Minute Perfect Pronunciation Drill can help.

What Do Students Say?

Before Sam’s 10-minute pronunciation drill, I was held back by my fear of public speaking.

My English was good, but the thought of making a mistake and being laughed at paralysed me.

I practised this drill for just 10 minutes a day, and in three months, I saw a transformation. I was able to confidently deliver presentations without a hint of anxiety.

This drill was a lifesaver – I aced my final presentation, and I know for a fact I couldn’t have done it without this!”

-Sarah, International Business Undergraduate Student

“My love for English was always there, but my pronunciation held me back.

Constantly being asked to repeat myself hurt my confidence.

Then Sam taught me his 10-minute pronunciation drill. I made a deal to stick with it for two months, and it turned out to be a game-changer.

Not only did my pronunciation improve a lot, but I also got more confident. I went from a D to a B in my speaking exam, and no one asks me to repeat myself anymore!”

– Josh, English Language Student

“Even though I was already proficient in English, I always felt something was missing – expression and intonation.

When Sam introduced me to the 10-minute pronunciation drill, I decided to give it a shot.

And to my surprise, within weeks, I started sounding more expressive when I spoke.

I even started using this drill for accent training!

It’s safe to say that this drill is not only for beginners, but it’s also for those who want to sound more natural and fluent in English.”

-Justine, Advanced English Speaker



Ready To Improve Your Pronunciation For Life?

Look, I know how it is. English is a part of your life whether you like it or not…

Perhaps you need it to pass exams, live or travel abroad, or work.

Whatever your reason for learning English, the goal is the same: to speak to people and express yourself with confidence.

That’s what this drill gives you –
the confidence to speak to others in English.

So here’s the deal.

I’ll teach you my drill in a live online workshop for a fraction of the price that my students pay to be in the classroom with me. 

No it won’t be $700.

It won’t even be half of that ($300).

It won’t even be HALF of that! ($150)

You’ll learn how to fix your pronunciation for life for just $47.

And that includes:

  • the live workshop,
  • lifetime access to the recording
  • and the comprehensive quickstart workbook
  • (plus any extra bonuses I decide to add)

For less than a night in a hotel in England, you’ll learn a simple drill that can help you to reach your dreams of having a smooth, flowing, natural English.

So, are you in?

Let’s Change The Way You Speak English

So, are you ready to say goodbye to the pit in your stomach every time you need to speak English?

Are you ready to feel confident and natural whenever you communicate in English?

If so, then join us for the 10-Minute Perfect Pronunciation Drill Workshop.

I can’t wait to help you transform your English speaking skills.

To get started, just click the button below.

Are you ready? 

Scroll up, enter your details and let’s do this thing!

(P.S. This is an opportunity to truly change the way you speak and interact in English. The benefits you’ll gain from this drill will far exceed the cost of the workshop.)


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be taken to a special membership site where you’ll find a link to register. If youhave any problems, use the support email.

No – since this is a live online event, there are no refunds.

I know this works though, so if you’re on the fence, I can only assure you that this drill works.

The Start-to-Finish Pronunciation Coaching offer is something that I usually offer for my in-person students or longtime online clients, and even then, it’s not cheap.

Because this workshop is focused on pronunciation, and you are learning the exact drill that I use with my in-person students and online clients, we can fast track the whole process a bit.

Basically, what happens is, you learn how to improve your pronunciation through the workshop, and then I help you choose the issues to prioritise & give you advice on how to do it. 

The time and date of the workshop are below:
July 12th 2023
1:00 PM BST
But – please don’t worry if you can’t make it live. You’ll get the workshop recording and all materials uploaded to the special membership area for you to access at any time.

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