Do you get frustrated that you can’t speak English for very long?

Do you feel like you just don’t have enough to say when you speak to someone?

Do you want to be able to talk in English for 5-10 minutes without stopping?

Would you like to improve your fluency and become more automatic in English?

If you answered ‘YES’ to all of the above questions, then the Talk in 21 Program may be just what you need.

One of the MAIN reasons why people can’t speak English as well as they want to is because they don’t practise enough.

Yes… it’s that simple.

I see it time and time again: people focus on learning NEW stuff rather than practising stuff they already know.

Three reasons for this are:

Reason 1: Learning is Easier than Practising

When you learn new language, you can just find a video that give you the language. When you practise the language, you need to:

  • Decide what to practise
  • Create a plan
  • Do the plan
  • Keep the activities and tasks interesting
  • Motivate yourself to do it every day
  • Have a method of testing your language
  • Create stuff with language
  • Practise the language

As you can see, practising requires a bit more effort

Reason 2: Learning is
More Fun Than Practising

It’s fun learning new language because it’s like you have a new way of expressing yourself. Learning new words, phrases and language is awesome… I mean, who doesn’t like learning new stuff?

BUT practising… It’s like the unpopular kid at a party: he’s there because your mum told you to invite him.

Practising language isn’t popular because it’s boring. You do the same things again and again.

Reason 3:
Learning Makes You Feel
Like You’ve Done
More Than Practising

When you learn something new, you notice it instantly. At the end of watching a video that gave you some new language, you think:

 “yeah, that was good. I now know how to use [insert language here].”

Practising is another story…

You don’t notice the results of practising straight away because it takes time to work.

Practising IS important…
If you ever want to become
GREAT at English,
you need to practise.

Enter the Talk in 21 Program…

I originally developed this program in 2016 for a group of PhD students who wanted to start using English in their daily life – they were doing their research papers in English. By using English every day, they became more comfortable researching in English.

The program worked well, but there wasn’t much real direction, so over time, I developed the program to focus on speaking and to have a specific outcome:

To help you to speak for 5-10 minutes about a topic (that you choose)

Until now, I’ve only used this program with a few of my private students, and it wasn’t until one of them said:

Sam, why don’t you offer this on your website? It’s awesome!

So I thought it would be a good idea to offer this to everyone.

How Does The Ti21 Program Work?

The way the program works is simple:

  • You join the Ti21 Program
  • You get an email every day for 21 days with a task in each one
  • You complete each task
  • You reach the goal: talk about a topic that you choose for 5-10 minutes

The Talk in 21 Program works because it’s so simple. It takes away 93% (this is a guess lol) of the stuff you need to do in order to improve your English.

For example, the Talk in 21 program gives you:

  • An effective learning plan, so you don’t need to create one
  • Tasks that will help you to reach your goal
  • Motivation to practise English every day
  • Keep the activities and tasks interesting
  • Ways to be creative with English
  • A way to test your English at the end
  • A different task every day to keep it interesting

So, all you need to do is focus on USING the language.

Interested in Speaking Fluently for Longer?

The Talk in 21 Program is like having an English language coach in your pocket. Well, actually, you do. You have me in your pocket every day via email. And every day, you get a new task that you can complete in 15-30 minutes that will help you to speak for 5-10 minutes about a topic (that you choose) after 21 days.

And it’s yours for just $30

Yes, that’s right.

For $30, you get:

  • 21 days of unique, fun tasks and activities
  • The ability, confidence and practise to speak about a topic you choose for 5+ minutes
  • The motivation to push yourself each day
  • The development of good study habits
  • Bonus materials, videos and resources to help you to improve faster
  • A learning plan that you can redo again and again

And if you join BEFORE the 4th April 2018, you also get access to one of my favourite English trainings from the Vault.

The bonus training is 40+ minutes of how to overcome your fears of speaking to strangers in English and how to start a conversation with anyone you meet.

To join, all you need to do is fill out the form below

Sam Pealing 2018