What Do All Self Study English Learners Wish For?
(Apart from speaking fluently...)

Someone to answer their Questions!

A lot of people who learn English on their own have questions...

Questions about:

- Learning vocabulary

- Speaking fluently

- Using grammar

- Taking exams

- Language mistakes

And so on...

These questions annoy you, frustrate you and bother you until you just try forget them.

And you may forget them, but you won't have the answer you crave.

You see, having questions isn't the problem...

The problem is having no answers.

To solve this problem, each month, I do a special Question and Answer Session for my private students.

These QnA Sessions are always popular because my students get answers to their most BURNING questions.

Now, like I said, these QnA Sessions are reserved to my private coaching students as a part of their coaching package with me.

But for the first ever, I'm opening the QnA session to my email subscribers.

So, you, lucky subscriber, have the chance to get your questions answered in one of my prestigious QnA sessions.

> > What does a QnA Session Look Like?

A typical QnA Session looks like this:

1. You sign up to the QnA Session.

2. You send me your questions.

3. You attend the session to get your questions answered.

However, not all of my students can attend live, so I always record the session and send it out at the end of the session. This recording is yours to keep.

> > What Do You Get?

So, by now, you must be ready to get your English questions answered. Here's what you get:

  • QnA session (send me your questions before the session)
  • The recording of the session (yours forever… watch it as many times as you like, whenever you like)
  • The slides from the session (so you can read through them or print out and take notes)
  • MP3 of the session (put it on your MP3 player/ iPod and listen to it as you do housework or walk your dog)

To make it even more special, I’ll also give you an English training that I did recently.

It’s called “Stop Wasting Your Time Learning English”, and in the workshop, I go through FIVE big time wasting mistakes that make it hard for you to learn English (and what you can do to learn English faster AND save time)

> > The QnA Session will take place on Wednesday 6th September @ 10am Taiwan Time
(but don't worry if you can't be there live, you will get the recording)

> > How Can You Join?

The cost to join the QnA session is $12. With that, you also get the recording, the slides, the MP3, and the bonus workshop.

Join the QnA session is easy. Just click the blue button below. Then you'll be taken to a secure website to pay. You can pay with PayPal.

After paying, you will be able to sign up for the session.

There are only SIX spaces available in this session.

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