Breaking Down English Language Barriers 

EFS English Training Programs are awesome (even if I say so myself!)
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EFS English Training Programs are developed and designed for motivated, high-intermediate/advanced non-native English speakers who want to make a real difference to their English quickly.

The EFS Programs are led by me, Sam, the founder of English For Study, and I put my years of teaching expertise and research into each one of them.

The result?

Highly effective and interactive programs that can transform your English and the way that you learn.

We do some pretty awesome stuff in these training programs that can turn you into a completely different English speaker.

My goal with each and everyone of my programs is to make you a better person - English speaking or not. I just want you to come out of each program feeling 200% better than you did before.

If you're a motivated non-native English speaker who wants to overcome the  barriers that are preventing them from becoming the English speaker you deserve to be, I urge you to try one of my programs.