Professional Academic Presentation Coaching For People Who Need To
Make An Impact 

Are you a researcher or a student who needs to present to native English speaking experts?

Well, you are in the right place.

Presentations are scary, but they’re also important. Presentations are your chance to show everyone what you know and to deliver a message. For 10- 30 minutes or more, your audience will listen to every word that you have to say.

I have a question for you.

Do you know how it feels to stand at the front of a room smiling while 100 people applaud you?

I do, and let me tell you, when you deliver a presentation which makes people clap and congratulate you, you will feel awesome.

I want you to experience the thrill a successful presentation. I want you to have the experience of someone coming up to and saying, "That was great. I learnt so much!"

But saying it and doing it are different things. Most of the students I work with are scared of giving a presentation in English.

Many students are often
nervous, scared and full of

And I can understand why. You have to speak in front of native English speaking experts about a topic. You're full of all different types of worries, such as:

  • "Will they understand me?"
  • "What if I forget what I have to say?"
  • "How do I answer their questions?"
  • "What if they laugh?"
  • "How do I pronounce these words?"
  • And many more...

​That's where my professional presentation coaching service comes in. I'll help you become a more confident presenter. But that's not all.

Through my Professional Presentation Coaching, I will walk you through the steps that you need to take to give interesting and engaging presentations which inspire audiences.

You'll feel in control

You'll get my professional advice to help you to decide what information to include, how to deliver your presentation, which words to choose to give your presentation strength, and advice on how to have a strong presence.

Before we go any further, which one of these describes you?

1. No presentation and no plan

2. Completed presentation, but need last minute preparation for the big day

Option 1: No Presentation and No Plan

If you have no presentation and no plan, then we will start with building a strong foundation. We will decide on a scope and a structure of your presentation. As you progress, you will receive advice and regular speaking activities to help you become more comfortable speaking English out loud.

You’ll be a confident, energetic
and prepared presenter ready for success.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Support, guidance and advice to help you develop a strong and interesting presentation.
  • Help with keyword pronunciation to increase your authority.
  • Speech training to help you to give a clear presentation
  • Structure and coherence assistance to ensure that your presentation flows naturally
  • Slide analysis to help you create effective presentation slides
  • Practice drills to help you become more confident in presenting and standing in English.

Note: This isn’t just conversation practice. These activities will help you to give better presentations.

Option 2: You Have a Presentation, But You Need To Prepare

If you have already completed your presentation and you just want to prepare for your presentation day, then we will focus on getting you as prepared as possible. Firstly, depending on when your presentation is, we will assess and critique your presentation, so you can make changes.

Then we will practice your presentation. You’ll receive detailed feedback on how to improve to create a stronger, more commanding presentation. You’ll work on these improvements before doing a final practice. You will enter your presentation feeling confident, prepared and ready for anything.

The aim is simple:

For you to make a powerful impact,
and to give a confident 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Speech and voice training to ensure that your pace, volume and intonation are ideal.
  • Presentation skill training to help you to make a good impression
  • Detailed presentation analysis to help you improve on your existing presentation.
  • Last minute preparation notes, so you remember to do the important things
  • Activities to help you feel more confident to speak in front of others.

Note: This isn’t just conversation practice. These activities will help you to give better presentations.

Here's what you will get:

Weekly presentation assignments
designed to help you develop
and keep motivated

Weekly coaching calls to discuss your progress, practice your presentation skills, work on proper presentation speech

Professional support, guidance
and advice from an
Academic English specialist

Is Academic Presentation Coaching Right for You?


  • You are serious about improving your presentation and public speaking skills
  • You can dedicate 2 hours a week to improving your presentation skills
  • You can take advice and apply it to your own presentations, plans and ideas
  • You are nervous, anxious and you feel like you just can't do it.


  • Students who want someone to write their presentation for them
  • Students who are lazy and won't complete the weekly assignments.
  • Students who are just looking for conversation classes - you can find cheaper conversation classes elsewhere

Here's what you get:

Personalised Presentation Assignments

These writing assignments are designed to work on various aspects of academic writing, including cohesion, the use of sources, argument development, paragraph structure, contrasting and comparing language, cause and effect language, framing information, and the many writing mistakes that academic writers make.


Coaching Calls = weekly 1-to-1 calls

These are coaching calls on Skype where we discuss your presentation, how you can improve, speech and skill coaching. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions. The sessions last 30-40 minutes


Professional Support and Guidance

All learners receive my personal coaching and professional and academic advice. If you sign up to the 4-week coaching programs, you receive bonus email support, where you can email your (reasonable) burning questions during the week.

Start Today!
Choose Your Coaching Plan Below

Prices are the same for Option 1 and Option 2

1 Week - Last Minute

$104/ per week

Paid weekly

  • 2 x Personalised Presentation Assignments
  • 1 x Needs Assessment
  • 2 x Coaching Calls

4 Weeks - Standard

$45/ per week

Paid monthly

  • 4 x Personalised Presentation Assignments 
  • Ongoing Needs Assessment
  • 4 x Coaching Calls
  • Email Support

4 Weeks - Rapid

$80/ per week

Paid monthly

  • 16 x Personalised Presentation Assignments 
  • Ongoing Needs Assessment
  • 8 x Coaching Calls
  • Email Support

NOTE: Spaces on this coaching program are very limited. If you cannot purchase, then there are no spaces available.

Not Sure If Coaching Is Right For You?

I understand that it can be hard to decide whether to invest in your English skills if you have had some bad experiences in the past.

So if you're still not sure, come and have a chat with me on Skype to see if this coaching can help you to reach your goals.

If you'd like to schedule a meeting with me, click the button below.


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