How to Drastically Improve Your
Spoken English 
in Just One Month
With "The Difference"
Advanced English Program

"If speaking English was easy, everyone would already be really good at it. Not all English learners are at the stage where they need or want to use English really well. But the people who are at that stage know that it's not an easy road. They know that becoming great in English is tough. That's why, if you're ready to become truly awesome at English, I'm ready to teach you everything I know."

If you're reading this, then being able to use English well is an important part of your life.

English is more than just a hobby for you. 

If you give me some of your time to read the information on this page, I'm going to tell you how I can help you to improve your English, so that you can:

- Comfortably have conversations in English with people,

- Fully express yourself without hurting anyone's feelings,

- Fit in with native speakers without embarrassment,

- Pursue your passions using the language you love and

- Impress the people (native and non-native English speakers) around you.

me sam

I'm Sam Pealing.

I help English learners go from 'good' to 'great' in their English speaking and writing.

If all of that is something that you want, then I have created a monthly advanced English learning program for you.

It's called,

"The Difference"

However, it is expensive and it is not for everyone.

What do I mean?

The Difference is a multi-resource program (online and offline) that teaches a mixture of practical vocabulary, chunks, patterns and structures through natural conversation, proven methods for learning English effectively, and in-depth analyses of how to behave and speak to really fit into English speaking cultures. Each lesson pack is full of language that you can use immediately, and strategies that you can use to change the way that you use English.

The Difference is not a course that teaches you the basics or gives you word or phrase lists. There are already too many of those. No. It's a complete learning program that teaches you what you really need to know to use English well...

My goal for you is simple...

I want you to feel confident in any
English speaking situation.

Each lesson pack is designed, so that you can open it and read it all in one day, and then spend a month studying it and absorbing all of the information inside it. My wish is that you use each lesson pack to guide and focus your learning for that month because true mastery comes from practise.

Anyone who has the passion can learn to use English well. And that, if you already know the basics​, then you are ready to move up a level.

My intention is that the support, knowledge, opportunities, confidence, freedom and language that you gain from this program will be more than worth the price you pay.

But there is more.

This program isn't just a lesson pack.

The Difference program contains the four elements that you need to really drastically improve your English.

Element 1: Advanced Lesson Packs

The first of these are the Advanced Lesson Packs. As I've explained in detail already, these are 'paper and ink' lesson packs which contain the core language and focus for each month.

There are five lessons in each pack. Each lesson is described, analysed and presented in detail with enough information and instruction for you to...

start using it in your everyday life straight away.

But there is also enough information in each lesson pack for you to continually study it for as long as you want.​

Each of the five lessons inside the pack has audio which can be downloaded from the internet. These audio files can be played on your phone, computer or mp3 player and can be used to help you practice the pronunciation of each chunk of language that you learn.​

The monthly Lesson Pack will be printed out and posted to you ​at the start of each month.

This makes it easy for you to start working on them without having to go on the internet.

It also means that you can study the materials wherever you are, and that you can take notes on them freely.

Element 2: Guided Practise

The second element is the Guided Practise. Language Learning Strategies are the activities that help you to learn language. I've spent a lot of time researching and testing learning strategies to find out which ones work, and which ones don't.

Each month, we will look at one language learning strategy in detail and show you exactly how to use it to improve your English quickly.

There are right and wrong ways to learn English...

My main focus with the guided practise
is to help you use the right ways to learn.​

So, in addition to the strategy focus, there will also be 'suggested tasks' for each lesson. These suggested tasks will help you to make the most of the language you're learning.​

You don't HAVE to complete these tasks, but doing them will help you to improve your English much quicker. As an added bonus, each of the tasks I'll suggest can be completed with only the resources you have at home or on the internet for free.​

Element 3: Support

The third element of this program is support. Proper support can be the difference between failure and success.

Proper support can help to pick you up when you feel down and lack motivation.​

And the support that you get in The Difference goes beyond a simple Facebook group.

Instead of a private Facebook, there is a three part support system to help you when you feel down.

  1. The private (not-on-Facebook) Community. A group of English learners like you who you can discuss, share ideas, and practise with. It can be hard to find decent people to practise and talk with on the internet. My hope is that this community solves that problem for you.
  2. Monthly Question & Answer sessions where you can ask me your burning English questions. These are sessions where you can interact, ask questions about the lesson packs or just ask about English in general. There's no question too small for these sessions.
  3. Monthly Private Development Session. Development Sessions are 15-minute one-to-one sessions where you and I meet on Skype or Zoom. They are a great way to get personal guidance and coaching which no-one outside of my coaching students gets. The beauty of these sessions is that  I can get to know more about you and help you with your own challenges.

Element 4: Feedback

The final element is​ feedback. So many courses just leave you to figure it all out on your own.

But not in The Difference.

Each month, you'll have an optional assignment to complete. This assignment will be based on the situations in the Lesson Pack and will require you to practise the different skills in English (including speaking). You'll then submit this assignment to me and I'll give you professional feedback on your English.​

I like feedback. I think it's really important when you're learning English... and let's not forget...

Good, honest feedback makes your life much easier.

Now, this isn't the type of feedback that just tells you what you're doing well.


My type of feedback gets straight to the point. I'll show you where your main weaknesses are and how you can improve your English quickly.​

But that's not all you get when you join The Difference.​

You also get a few extra special bonuses just for being awesome...

The 'Improve Your English
In Three Weeks' Course

The first of these is a course that I designed to help a group of English learners have fun while making English a part of their daily lives.

This course is called:

The "Improve Your English In Three Weeks" Course

Simply put, this course is designed to make it super easy for you to use English every day.

And to see a significant improvement in your English in three weeks.​

The course follows a system that I developed called BPE or Build.Practise.Expand, and it introduces you to many new ways of learning English that you probably haven't thought of yet.

Now, I can't make any promises, but...

If you follow everything as it's written in this course, after three weeks, you'll see a great improvement in:

  • Your English speaking speed.
  • Your working language (the English that you find easy to use)
  • Your ability to talk about a topic for a long period of time
  • Your speed thinking skills
  • ​Your pronunciation and reflection skills
  • Your ability to research and find out words on your own (super important if you learn on your own)

It's a great introduction to the way that I teach English and how to become a more effective learner.

This course has never been on sale before, and I probably won't ever release it.

(Like I said, I designed it for a small group of students who needed to boost their everyday English and build good habits)

What's more is that this course doesn't end. You can use the principles, activities, tasks and materials in it for as long as you like.

But you can get it today when you join The Difference.​

Other Bonuses...

But that's not the only bonus that you'll get with your membership to The Difference.

Ooooh no...

 I like to treat my students from time to time.

When you join today, you'll also get:

  • Exclusive trainings  - Sometimes, I can't cover everything in the materials, so I'll host an online event to go into more detail. As a Difference member, you get access to these events.
  • Discounts on my other products - As a Difference member, you get special discounts on any of the other English learning products I create. Sometimes, you'll even get to trial an English learning product for free before it's released.
  • Special guest interviews - Occasionally, I'll have interviews and talks from other people who are experts in their field. These interviews will be generally be available only to members of The Difference.
  • Support from me - I'll be active in The Difference Community. You can ask me any questions about English learning, language strategies, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing, and I'll personally reply. Like I said, this kind of support is usually only reserved for my coaching students.

​In short, The Difference could be what is standing between you and your success in English.

I couldn't make learning English any easier.​

And we cover the three aspects of English which everyone struggles with:

Practise, situational working language and mindset.

And it contains the four elements that you need to succeed:

Advanced materials, support, practise and feedback​

But like I said, it isn't for everyone...

The Difference costs $89.95 a month.

And that includes free shipping of the Lesson Packs to any country in the world.​

It also includes:​

- The personal support and community.

- The one-to-one Private Development Sessions

- The downloadable audio files for each lesson​

- The Guided Practise Suggested Tasks

- The exclusive membership bonuses and discounts

- The online QnA sessions

- The 'Improve Your English in Three Weeks' Course​

- The monthly assignments and feedback

​However, there are no refunds.

You can cancel anytime that you would like to, though.​

The reason for this is: before joining this program, I want you to think carefully about how much you really want and need to improve you English.​

I want you to be ready ​to put in the work to improve your English...

...because, you and I both know, your English won't improve on its own.

Having a high level of English can open up many doors in the future for you.

Work... relationships... education... travel... entertainment... to name a few

But that's not all.

Learning a language to a high level is one of the best forms of self development that you can do.

I truly believe that anyone with the right heart can learn English to a high level.

And if you have the passion, then I want to help you to achieve that high level.

Now, if reading all of this has got you excited about all of the possibilities having exceptional English can bring you, I invite you to join me and the other higher level English learners in The Difference.

But, be quick.

Because spaces in The Difference are very limited.​

If you want to join this exclusive group of motivated English learners who are improving their English quickly and easily...

... Click the 'Join The Difference Today' button below​

You'll get instant access to the 'Improve Your English in Three Weeks' Course.

The Lesson Pack and everything else will be sent on the 1st of the month.​

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