Improve Your English In Three Weeks

A course designed to help you learn more, remember more & enjoy more!

The Improve Your English In Three Weeks course is  daily course, and it contains 21 lessons designed to make it easy and fun to study English.

Your writing, speaking, listening and reading will improve if you follow the course - and it only takes 15 minutes a day! ​Of course, you can expand on the lessons and make them longer if you wish!

The course is customizable to your situation. For example:

  • Want to learn medical language? Sure!
  • Want to learn business language for financial companies? Sure!
  • Want to learn Academic language for your university degree? Sure!
  • Want to learn language about your hobby, such as dog training? Sure!

And in the course, I'll show how to find to find this language naturally!​

The course follows my system of: Build, Practice and Expand. This will help you to find, internalise & store, and use new language successfully.

There is a fourth part to my system: ​Assess​. And in the course, you'll learn how to assess yourself correctly (which is a really important part of being successful in English!).

As I said in the online class, it's being open to the public in two weeks & when it opens, I'm only allowing 50 people to join.

​By joining now, you'll get all future updates of the course for free & you'll have lifetime access!