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Would Hermione Granger be a good English learner?

Have you seen Harry Potter?

If you have, you’ll know who Hermione is – she’s the girl who hangs around with Harry and Ron (the ginger-haired kid). They’re the main trio of friends.

If you haven’t seen or read Harry Potter, where have you been!? Hermione is basically a very clever (and bossy) girl, and she studies magic with her friends Harry Potter and Ron. They get into trouble, study wizardry, have fun and save the day.

Now, imagine if Hermione didn’t speak English as her first language.

Do you think she would be a good English learner?

You first answer is probably: ‘yes, she would be a good English learner’. She’s smart, she’s hard working, and she loves to be correct. But does that mean she would be a good English learner?

Well, I think it’s not enough…

You see, Hermione has this bad habit. For example, look at the scene where she, Ron and Harry are practicing spells in the classroom. Ron is trying to cast the spell “wingardium leviosa”. You know, the spell which makes things float in the air. But he just can’t make the spell work.

And then Hermione comes in, stops Ron, and tells him he’s doing it wrong. She then lectures him about what he’s doing wrong: “It’s wing-gaaaar-dium levi-OH-sa.”


But it doesn’t stop there. She continues trying to correct Ron and Harry for the entire series.

And this is why Hermione wouldn’t be a great English learner: she focuses on being perfect, and assumes everyone else should be perfect and at her level.

The funny thing is, Harry and Ron do just fine in the books and the movies (as far as I know – I haven’t finished the last one), and in some cases they do better than Hermione.

And it’s the same with English. You don’t need to be perfect because learning English isn’t about being perfect.

Learning English is about being you.

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You could even use Harry Potter to learn English if you ‘know how’.

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