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What Is The Secret To English
Learning Success?

You know how it is.

You've spent hours and hours in English language classes, you've watched hundreds of English language videos, you've spent $1000s on textbooks and English courses, but you are still not where you want to be.

You've been studying English for over 2 years and you still struggle to have an English conversation. You still find it hard to understand TV shows, movies and native speakers. You still make mistakes when you're writing. And you still feel like you can't express yourself.

You've probably thought to yourself... "It's okay. I probably wasn't going to become advanced or fluent anyway."

...You feel frustrated. You feel confused. You feel embarrassed when someone asks you to speak English.

But you're okay with that because you've tried everything, and nothing really works.​

But the truth is this:
You have been learning English the wrong way

Or rather, you have been taught the wrong way to learn.

You see, you have probably studied English at language schools which use traditional methods for many years. These traditional methods teach you to rely on the teacher at the front of the class.

And it's the same thing with most online English courses, too. Most online courses focus on the language or the learning material. You know... you purchase a language course, and then you get a few useful phrases.

But these schools and language courses don't focus on the most important thing.

The most important thing isn't the language, the learning material or even the teacher. The most important thing is the learner.

In other words, the focus should be on you.

Do You Really Know How To Learn?

You are the most important piece of the language learning puzzle, not the language or the learning material. Your needs, interests and reasons come first, and then the language develops from that.

But do you really know how to learn?

In my experience, most people think they know how to learn, but really they're making one of three mistakes.

Mistake #1 Wrong Focus

A lot of people struggle with being disciplined and focusing on their English learning. They jump from topic to topic, and they chase the newest language videos. 

The problem with this is that you're being 'foolishly busy'. You're busy, but you're not really doing anything productive.

Mistake #2 Relying on Motivation

​Many people practise English when they 'feel right'. They base whether they practise on if they feel good or not. 

 The problem with this is that no-one feels good all of the time. Feelings can change at a minutes notice.

Relying on feelings and motivation is a shortcut to making no improvements.​

Mistake #3 Having No System

Many English learners feel lost. They feel like they're not sure which direction they should go in with their language learning.

They're not sure what to learn.

And they're not sure how to learn it.

The problem here is that you start something one day, and the next day you do something different.

This results in you trying new things all the time, but never really improving.​

Eventually, you feel like you don't know what to do, and you give up.

So What's The Solution?

Introducing The Find Your Path Program
The Most Effective Way To Learn
The English You Need


Never rely on a teacher to tell you what to learn or how to learn again. You'll discover how you control your learning, so that you can reach your goals faster.


When you have created your own English learning path, you will know where you want to be and exactly how to get there. 


If you've started to lose motivation or you feel like you should study more, this is the best way to enjoy learning English again. When you create your own English learning path, stress will be a thing of the past.


Mistakes and failures are something to be celebrated. When you have matured your learning through this program, you will see how mistakes and failures can be better than always being right.


Yes, this is a big statement - especially if you feel like you haven't improved in a long time. BUT if you follow the program, you will start to see improvements in just one week.

Sam Pealing, your guide to
English Freedom & Success

Sam Pealing is an experienced English language coach, consultant and lecturer. He holds a MA in English Language Teaching from Nottingham Trent University, where he also teaches English For Academic Purposes to international students. He specialises in effective language learning strategies, course design, English for university studies and creating successful English learners.

Finding your English path is the first step towards being a happy, confident and effective English user.”


There are TWO versions of this program - the BRONZE Package and the SILVER Package.

Below, you'll see everything included in each package.


The Find Your Path Training Video

40 Minutes of easy-to-use, effective English learning instruction. This 40 minute lecture will transform the way that you learn English forever. It will show you how to easily and quickly learn English naturally. Your questions like: "how many words should I learn?" And "what should I learn" will be answered.
Value: $90

The Create Your Path Workbook

The Create Your Path Workbook helps you use the information from the training video. Many courses just leave you to figure things out. But not this one. This workbook will make it easy to apply what you learn in the training video. After completing this workbook (which may only take 30 minutes) you will know what you to do and how to do it. In fact, your English vision will be crystal clear.
Value: $20

The Five Reasons Masterclass

Ever felt like your English just won't improve - no matter what you do? You're not alone.
The Five Reasons Masterclass shows you why you are not improving in five simple lessons. The good news is this: You can use the advice from these lessons instantly! Each lesson takes only five minutes to read and you can make the change straight away!
Value: $10

The Map Your Path Course

This self-paced course will walk you through the whole process of learning English. You can complete it in your own time - there is no rush - and each lesson will help you to reflect on your own learning. If you want to know more about how you learn and how to improve the way that you learn - you will love this course. I don't know about you, but reading helps me to use information better.
Value: $37

The P & P Special Report

I created this special report to make two of most important factors even easier to use: Purpose and Planning. After releasing this special report, I got some immediate feedback: "this report came just in time. It has made everything much easier to do. There is so much to cover, but this report has made it easy to see what I can choose."
Value: $15


In the SILVER Package you get everything in the BRONZE Package plus
three bonus hour long Advanced Workshops

(Training 1)​

How To Find, Evaluate and Use Authentic Materials Like a Teacher

In this workshop, I walk you through the process of finding authentic materials online that you can use to learn new language. The bonus of using authentic materials is that the language you learn will be REAL English that native speakers use.

In this training, you'll learn how to find and evaluate materials in just 10 minutes, and then I'll give you some awesome ideas to help you to plan your learning around these materials.

This workshop is one of the most popular ones I've done and it's received some truly great reviews.

(Training 2)​

How To Think In English & Improve Your English Speaking Ability

Have you ever wanted to be able to respond automatically to people when they ask you questions in English?

Or have you thought about how to think in English, but never known how to do it?

In this workshop, I walk you through the process of how to think in English. It's a simple and easy to follow system, that can make a huge difference to your English in just one week. 

(Training 3)​

How To Sound More Natural When Speaking English
(It's not all about phrasal verbs!)

There's a large focus on learning 'idioms' and 'phrasal verbs' nowadays.

While these pieces of language are useful, they are not the only thing you need to know...

... In fact, they're probably not even the most important aspects of language.

In this hour long workshop I reveal everything you need to know about sounding more natural in English. This video will show you what to focus on and how to do it to make your English sound more natural than ever.

On their own, these workshops would cost $40-50 each, but they are yours in the silver package.

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Everything except the Advanced Workshops

  •  The Find Your Path Training Video
  •  The Create your Path Workbook
  • The Map Your Path Course
  • The P & P Special Report
  •  The Five Reasons Masterclass 

Normal Price: $28

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Everything To Help You Improve Your English

  •  The Find Your Path Training Video
  •  The Create your Path Workbook
  •  The Five Reasons Masterclass 
  •  The Map Your Path Course
  •  The P & P Special Report
  •  Advanced Workshop 1: Finding Materials
  •  Advanced Workshop 2: Thinking In English
  •  Advanced Workshop 3: Sounding Natural

Normal Price: $78

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