Have You Got Five Days To Become An English Learning Machine?

Let's Cut To The Chase...

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in seeing how much your English could improve in just five days.

But, you’re not sure if you should take the risk.  You're not sure if the Supercharger is for you...

Let me tell you why I created this Five-Day Training.

Last week, I took part in a challenge to help people do more in less time.

In just a few days I had:

  • Recorded four language learning videos and planned 10 more.
  • Outlined, planned and started writing a 20 chapter book on English learning.
  • Drafted three 1,000+ word articles on English learning to be released soon.
  • Planned, prepared and created this five-day program.
  • Finished reading a book I had been reading for ages.
  • Created three week's worth of graphics for social media.

​And that was in addition to my normal schedule.

When I saw how much I could get do in a short amount of time, I was amazed.

I thought: "so this is the true power of a 5-Day training challenge​"

So, straight away, I designed a 5-day English learning program to help English learners unlock their true English potential.

I called this program:

The Five Day English Supercharge​r

When I was designing this program, I had a specific type of person in mind - someone who wants to improve their English but never does (for many different reasons).

Are you this person? Answer these questions:

  • Do you need a kick in the ass to get motivated?
  • Are you too busy to spend hours improving your English?
  • Are you confused by all the different advice on how and what to learn?
  • Do you want a simple, easy-to-use system to improve your English quickly?
  • Do you want to see results fast?
  • Have you tried to improve your English on your own, but struggle to improve and motivate yourself?
  • Are you ready to do what I say for five days and see a big improvement in your English, confidence and motivation?

If you answered ‘YES!’ to these questions, then I’m going to turn you into an English learning machine...

But Sam, how are you going to do that?

Simplejust give me 30-40 minutes of your time for five days.

Each day, you’ll have a training session and an assignment. Each day will take you about 30-40 minutes to complete, and each day contains some of my best English learning advice and experience that I’ve gained over 10 years of teaching and training.

Here’s what each day contains:

Day 1:
Finding Language
to Learn

Do you struggle deciding what to study? My simple method will remove all of the stress from finding new language. In fact, if you can’t do it in 20 minutes, then you’re taking too long.

You’ll also learn powerful advice like how many new words to focus on for the best results and how to set yourself up for success before you even say a word.

Day 2:
The Single Best Vocabulary Learning Method
(that you are not doing)

Want to know what the best Vocabulary learning method is? I’ll tell you this much – you’re probably not doing it. It's one of the simplest and easy to use methods of learning new words, and I'll show you the best way to do it. 

I’ll show you the best way to make new vocabulary stick in your head, so that you don’t forget them at all. You’ll need to come to this session with an open mind.

Day 3:
Building & Expanding on Your Knowledge

Most people stop waaaaay too early. Not me and not you. On day 3, you’re going to learn some of my best methods for expanding on what you already know. This makes learning English like going to the shop and doing ‘buy one get on for free’. It’s incredibly effective, yet most language learners just don’t do this.

Day 4:
Using The Language

What good is learning new language if you’re not going to use it? A lot of people struggle at this part. They love to learn, but they just can’t use. In this session, I’ll push you out of your comfort zone and help you to see a transformation.

If you find it hard to use what you learn, then this session might just change how you learn English forever.

Day 5:
English and You

This is the session where we look at one of the most powerful techniques English learning techniques available to you: self reflection. Have you ever thought that you can’t teach yourself or that you can’t correct yourself? Well, you’re wrong. You can and I’ll show you how to can self reflect on your English with some simple activities and questions.

Day 6:
Beyond Learning (Bonus Lesson)

I know I said 5 days, but I couldn’t resist including this session. In this bonus session, I’m going to summarise everything we’ve done so you can repeat this whole system again and again to really maximise your English learning.

Secret Bonus Session 

Hey, I don’t want to tell you everything!

So there you have it. All you need are five days and 30-40 minutes of focus (six if you include the bonus), to see a nice boost in your motivation, confidence and English ability.

What could five days do to you?

Well, some of the things you can expect are:

  • Increased confidence in your vocabulary
  • Better productivity and study habits
  • The ability to find and decide what to learn quickly (no more wasted time looking for something to learn)
  • A simple way to plan and organise your learning
  • A larger working vocabulary (the language that you can actually use)
  • Inspiration to continue pushing yourself
  • A better understanding of the most effective ways to learn.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Honestly, I've got a lot lined up for you, and it's going to be a great five days surrounded by English learning, motivation and improvements everywhere. I know that if you put 100% into it, you'll get 200% back.

So, how much is better English, more motivation,
more confidence and more time worth to you?

Well, I have good news...
If you join before Sunday 16th April,
the investment for this transformation is just

That's right... You can get all of this for less than a McDonald's burger every day (and it's healthier, too)​

Are you ready to kick start your English improvement and have fun along the way?
Five Day English Supercharger starts on Monday 17th April
Are you in?

Yes, Sam, I'm in! I can't wait to kick ass
and improve my motivation, confidence and
English ability in five days!

Who Am I?

me sam

Sam Pealing
Creator of the
Five Day English Supercharge

I'm Sam - an English teacher and lecturer from Derby, England.
I made the site English For Study, to help non-native English students get the best grades they can at university - through effective essay writing and powerful presentations.

But that's not all I do.

I also help higher level English learners - the ones who have been learning English for years and just feel stuck - to break through their barriers and feel more confident.

I don't just 'teach English', I guide you through your journey.

What People Have Said About Working With Me:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I gained the highest mark in my group (and I'm the only non-native English speaker).

“Writing a column was the funniest experience in my college course. I feel like I could do this more often, maybe for a living... The other funny thing is that I'm the only foreigner who has remained in the group. More than 1/4 of the class quit.

I'm a survivor.

The funniest thing though is that I gained the highest marks in the group. It was possible thank to Sam Pealing's coaching. God knows I'm not an easy person, but Sam has no end of patience.

If you need professional help with some project or preparation for your exam, Sam will guide you how to plan your learning effectively. His tips and feedback helped me to re-build my confidence as a writer. A huge THANK YOU, Sam !!!


"What I like the most is that Sam takes you by the hand and helps you walk through the journey towards the level of English that you aim to be."

“After having studied one lesson set and having had one Skype Development Session with teacher Sam and after having sent him my first homework and having received his assessment feedback, I can say that I'm proud of having made the best decision by enrolling in "The Difference".

What I like the most is that Sam takes you by the hand and helps you walk through the journey towards the level of English that you aim to be. You do need his frequent feedback because each lesson set has a lot of homework that is really challenging. For each task he gives you instructions and he usually gives you a lot of freedom on how to get the task done. You can count on his quick and professional answers whenever you write to him, so that you never feel you are studying alone.

I feel like I have a personal coach, I feel like I'm the privileged client of a private British teacher, I feel like I have a skilled language teacher always next to me so that if I have some major doubt I don't have to feel stuck because I only have to ask to get back.

But it's not for everybody, because teacher Sam is compelling! He helps you provided that you help yourself. Before he gives you the solution to your issue he always gives you some tips to figure out how to approach the problem and maybe how to figure out the answer on your own.W

John Doe UI/UX Designer

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