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English Speaking Specialist and Academic Writing Coach

Dear English learning professional,

Hi, I’m Sam Pealing, an English language learning specialist. In this section, I’m supposed to tell you about myself and my qualifications. I’m supposed to mention that I’ve been teaching English learners how to use English confidently and effectively for 10 years and give you all of my credentials.

But that’s not really why you’re here, is it?

Yes, it’s true that I have a master’s degree in English Language Teaching, and that I have taught for over three years at a British university, but that doesn’t really matter.

What matters are the results I get for my clients.

I specialise in turning high-level English learning professionals and academics into confident and successful English speakers and authors.

I have effective systems of language language that get my clients results.

For example, my clients

  • get jobs that they have only dreamed of
  • travel to English speaking countries without fear
  • present in English at prestigious international conferences
  • get more English-speaking clients and improve their sales abilities
  • get published in peer-reviewed academic journals
  • succeed at using English professionally

If you are an English learning professional in IT, internet services, finance, business or web design, I can help you to get more clients, get ahead in your company or even make the transition to work overseas through strategic English learning and real-life situation training.

If you are a lecturer or PhD student whose journal articles keep getting rejected, then my coaching can help you to finally get your papers published, which opens more professional opportunities, such as conference presenting and collaboration.

If you would like to finally make English work for you professionally, then book a no-pressure free call with me.

You will leave the call with clarity and an idea of how to proceed towards your goals.

To your English learning success,

Sam Pealing

What You’ll Get During Your

Free English Coaching Call

This call is about you and how mastering English to a high level can help you achieve your professional or academic goals.

Your History and Challenges

First, we’ll discuss your English learning history, your reasons for learning English and your current most pressing challenges.

Your Goals

Then, we will talk about what your best possible outcomes will be and how English can help you achieve them.

What Changes After the Call

Finally, you’ll get a road map specific to you to help you progress with your English.

My Promise To You

I value your time, and I wouldn’t want to waste it. I wouldn’t offer these calls if I thought they would be a waste of time.

However, I know that my expertise in English learning, presenting and writing can help you to progress faster, be more confident, make more connections and open more doors of opportunity.

It’s my promise that even if you decide not to work with me after our call, you will still have a good, clear idea of how to progress and reach your goals in English.

That’s my promise to you.

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