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Five Christmas Movies You Can Use To Learn English

So, yesterday I told you that Christmas movies helped to make my my 20 hour journey from Taiwan to the UK bearable.

I watched five Christmas movies during my trip… and they happen to be my top 5 Christmas movies of all time.

Is this an English lesson? Kind of. The most resourceful and smart English learners will be able to pull out some valuable learning tips and some useful language from these Christmas video clips.

Before you ask, I don’t know where you can find the full movies online, so you’ll have to buy the movies or have a look on your TV channels.

Anyway, here are my top 5 Christmas movies, and some of my favourite video clips.

#5 Muppets Christmas Carol

In this clip, Scrooge (the human) is being asked about making a donation to the poor. He’s known as a not very friendly or generous man, and has strong opinions about how the poor should be treated. He’s the anti-hero of the movie and goes through a change of heart.

Focus on this: The language that he uses to give his opinion.

#4 Elf

In this clip we see Buddy the Elf and the store manager disagree. It’s a funny clip because Buddy the Elf is very enthusiastic when it comes to Christmas and Santa.

Focus on this: The speed of their responses.

#3 Die Hard

This movie is a bit more graphic, and most people would disagree with me when I say it’s a Christmas movie.

It is a Christmas movie, though, and it’s a good one if you like action movies from the 90s.

This clip is a good example of how NOT to have a telephone conversation.

Focus on this: The things you shouldn’t say during a telephone conversation (like how to ask for a name). Also note the contrast of the poetic language of the villain and the straightforward language of the good guy…

Note: Before you watch, there’s some swearing at the end of the clip.

#2 The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is a great movie because it’s all about a Halloween town that tries to host Christmas. That’s why all the characters are skeletons, vampires and other scary creatures. It’s also why all the creatures seem to be confused about Christmas.

Focus on this: The descriptions of things and people.

#1 Home Alone

This is my all time favourite Christmas movie. It’s about a kid who gets left home alone while his family goes abroad for Christmas. While he’s home alone, he defends his hour from burglars.

If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a really fun movie.

In this clip the boy, Kevin, is talking in detail about his shower. Who do you think he is talking to?

Focus on this: How Kevin makes something ‘boring’ seem quite interesting and detailed. Can you do that?

Final Words About Christmas Movies

So, there you have it; a rundown of my top 5 Christmas movies. So, if you’re feeling like you want to get into the Christmas spirit, watch one of these. Also, remember, there’s always something valuable to learn from clips.

So with that in mind, leave a comment:

What did you learn from these clips?


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