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Welcome To The Crush Your Goals Coaching

This page contains some very important information, so please read everything very carefully. You'll also receive this information in an email, so you don't need to take notes!

In the coaching call, we will discuss you, your goals, how to reach your goals and your worries. We will create plans, and I will push you to reach them.

After that, I'll email you every week to see how you're doing - including any problems that you have.

Here's what you should do now:

First. Go here and complete the questionnaire. This questionnaire will give me important information about you. It's long, but it contains everything I need to know about you.

Second. Schedule your first meeting with me. Be sure to schedule your meeting with me at least TWO DAYS in the future. If you schedule it sooner, I will have to cancel it and reschedule with you.

  1. Complete the questionnaire
  2. Schedule our first meeting

I'm looking forward to helping you to crush your English goals!

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