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British Culture: Speak And Behave Like A Local

Learning a new language opens up a new world of possibilities. There are millions of new people who you can interact with and thousands of new opportunities and jobs that you can pursue. It’s probably

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5 Ways To Learn English Faster

If you’re like many English learners, you want to learn English faster. Usually, my stance is “enjoy the process, eager student”, BUT there are several ways that you can speed up your learning. And

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Five Myths That Will Damage Your English Learning

When you’re learning English it’s easy to get distracted by the huge amount of information available on the internet. There’s so much information that it can actually be quite difficult to figure

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Write Awesome English Paragraphs [Quick Guide]

Usually students don’t ask how to write effective English paragraphs. That’s because it’s usually too late when they realise they need help writing a good paragraph (such as 1am the night before

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How To Understand Native English Speakers

Moving to another country to study is a stressful experience even for the most prepared students. One of the reasons for this is conversations with native English speakers. I recently did some research

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Five English Learning Myths That Are Holding You Back

Isn’t the internet awesome? I remember back when I was a kid and we got our first family computer (in 1995) that came with some free information CDs. I absolutely loved all of them: Dangerous Creatures,

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Figuring Out Phrasal Verbs In Academic Writing

Can you work out what this article is going to talk about? Any ideas…? That’s right: phrasal verbs, the popular language item which confuses many English learners. Why are phrasal verbs confusing? Well,

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How To Have Great English Conversations

Before we get into this week’s lesson on how to have great English conversations, I have a short story! Yesterday, I gave an online class about that had some technical issues (technical issues =

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Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

In class I like to do a critical thinking skills evaluation on my students. I usually do it a week into the course. By that time, my students have had the time to read some of the material on the topic

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